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  • For Arwen, a human or moogle would be most appropriate. They might employ dwarves, but that race would be uncommon in that land.
    Cid himself is not fully fleshed out at the moment; since he's playable at least twice in the series, I figured I'd give someone a shot at him. Arwen has airships and steampunk technology as a result of him, so he's basically in a machinist/engineer role right now. the FFIV Cid would be comparable (although that Cid isn't the best, you still have the option of using wrenches or giant mallets for weapons). He could probably also use something like Edgar's Tool skill, should you want drills and chainsaws.
    Caught ya there already ;D Poor Sig's gonna get a real good startle, though, isn't he? Scary night, scary stuff happening... and then someone running towards him with a knife that probably still has some bloodstains on it. 8D
    So, what should we do? Have Sofiya and Sig wander around the CoM a bit before finding each other, or meet before it and then get sucked in together? I personally think the first one'd be more interesting, buuut, you?
    Hahah, actually I have no clue. I know she's from some sort of game (sort of like Clannad, where you're a guy and you're introduced to several girls and then all sorts of magical events happen depending on your decisions). I looked it up a long time ago, but now I've forgotten. xD;
    Nah, I'm not like that. I just think that the song is (quite funny) but I don't really get why people are hating on Rebecca Black. Just let her do what she wants, it doesn't concern you. Even if she is a horrible singer. But, it is a catchy song. It's a REALLY catchy song. Damn.

    I didn't really get how the whole thing started. It's like, a children's show about small ponies talking about friendship and how friends are important. Of course, Pokemon is a kid's show, too, but I think the situation is a bit different for that. xD
    Alright, so my Friday singing wasn't enough to get a reply, huh? Too bad. I thought it was quite classy I mean tasteful I mean entertaining. But then again, I probably could've made a better internet reference. Like My Little Pony.
    It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday! Everybody's looking forward to the weekend, weekend! Partyin' partying' YEAH! Partyin' partyin' YEAH! Fun, fun, fun, fun, looking forward to the weekend!

    Actually, it's Thursday, and people are looking forward to Friday, but I wanted to reference the song. :D

    And yes, I did memorize the song. I'm just that pathetic.
    Clannad was amazing... after watching it, it doesn't take long for me to cry at movies anymore. My heart has been permenatly softened.
    Haha yes! Hope it'll be the same for our characters. Actually, a sort of rivalry would be cool to see crop up with this RPG. Good times ahead :)
    Oh, what I do is create a shortcut, name it Internet Explorer, change the icon, delete the original Internet explorer. Place on desktop. Win.
    You know what you should write? Open a Notepad file. Type this:

    shutdown.exe -s -t 15 -c "Niihyl says hi"

    and then save it as this: hello.bat

    Then click on the file for me. Or better yet, hit Alt+f4
    ... !@#$& ... What skin?

    ... Sigh... I don't want to rip the correct color from the miles-long Page Source again... for every single skin...
    Daggers! It seems I couldn't keep it from everybody...
    Devil Survivor 2! Hooray! I just found out!

    And woo, Persona 2 is getting a remake. I never owned a PlayStation...

    ... Hrm, why am I talking to a random person again? ... Hope the Persona RP starts soon...
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