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  • Yes ofcourse, i myself do WIFI battles only lol.

    And most of the members are able to WIFI battle
    Pokemon online is most of the time used when testing some teams or something.. atleast that is as far as i know
    Bliz, you signed up for my classes, right? :) Just get on xat at the same time as me, and we'll start our class there! ^^ Looking forward to it ;) its gonna be fun my tests are: battling, battling, and more BATTLING!!!!! :D
    Well, in that case he could be a really nice person! :D You should try and catch him there, hopefully you'll reach him! :)
    That sounds waaaayyyyy too good to be true :D I don't think he'll reply even if you try contacting him wherever he told you to contact him xS The only certain way to get a flawless Ditto is to offer something people really want. That excludes any normal pokemon (even legendaries), and normal shiny pokemon. Shiny legendaries could do it although usually not :S

    One option is to offer multiple shinies though! I traded 3 regular shinies for my flawless Ditto :)
    No sensible person would trade it to a shiny Zorua! :S You should offer shiny flawless pokemon. It might sting a lil' but you'll receive smth that will help you get more good IVd pokemon so it's worth it :D
    Yup, pkrs only doubles EVs gained by battles and if you're using power items. :) I'm glad you've gotten then hang of it! :D

    Yeah, they actually do that on purpose. No one wants to give away their flawless Dittos so they just tease the ones that are seeking it :/ What did you offer for it?
    No, really.. It doesn't matter if you level up while EV training, you can't miss any EVs! It eases your job helluva lot if you EV train them via battling too :D

    Well, let's say you give your pokemon one Protein. It gives your pokemon 10 EVs to attack. You can only use 10 proteins on one pokemon, but you can then continue giving 10 Calciums on the same pokemon etc :D In other words, you can get 100 EVs to one stat using vitamins alone.

    And pkrs will only come in handy if you battle pokemon to gain the EVs :D For example, if you battle a Zubat that usually gives 1 SPD EV, you gain 2 SPD EVs if your pokemon has pkrs. Pkrs also double the EVs gained by using power items (eg. Power Bracer etc.)

    Don't worry, you'll get the hang of these things soon! :D IV breeding is very simple, you just pass down IVs basically :D
    Don't worry about the level up, you're supposed to level up! :D As long as you get the max EVs it doesn't matter how many levels you gain while EV training! The EVs will be taken into account when you leve up so it's necessary actually!
    And yeah, pkrs doubles the EVs gained. :)
    Vitamins give you 10 EVs to the corresponding stats and you can only use 10 vitamins per one stat :)
    Unfortunately I haven't played Platinum in a year now so I can't remember any details about that Drifloon unfortunately! :/
    And long messages are cool anyways! ;D
    Let's hope that Ditto of yours has as many max IVs as possible! :D And good thing you got a pkrs as well! It's handy when EV training :)
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