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  • Ever since ash's turtwig evolved it only won one battle against the sneasel(unless you want to count when it took out Jessie's seviper and yanmega on 2 different occasions). And when it evolved into torterra forget about it. That's just a disgrace. If gliscor didn't get the training with the air battle master and beat Paul's drapion, it would be on my list with staraptor, torterra, and Buizel. So yes I agree with your post in that discussion
    Amiibo is Nintendo's attempt at doing something similar to Skylanders or Disney Infinity, If you use the figure you will get stat boosts and be able to save them to said figure. As for your other questions I don't know sorry.
    Hi! How are you? You haven't been on for a while and I just wanted to post here because there's a Brock special coming up and I thought you might want to watch it.
    Hey, yeah I saw this, though apparently somebody pointed me out wrong saying it was infact someone called 'Shigeru Ueda', though really, I don't really know! I hope it is though :)
    Jeez, that's me XD I wouldn't use that image if it wasn't me. It's a pair of solid red contacts all right. And I'm a girl -w- you can always check my profile though
    Hello. I don't know you, but can I quote you in my sig? I was reading one of the anime threads and thought that this is both hilarious and true:
    Sinnoh was torture! We had to spend 4 years of looking at that Pengiun!
    So, May I?
    Hey! Have you any news about Yuji Ueda being in Best Wishes at all? I know you haven't been around as much lately, but it's really sad to see most of his roles been taken away! Hopefully he'll get something new and they didn't write him off the show along with his characters.

    It's really sad but there's not much we can do right about now. Just hope he makes a re-appearance in the future!
    I was just reading your signature:
    The whole Pikari stealing Brock's screentime isn't true. It was obivous Dawn was going to get more screentime than Brock and Piplup was a mascot, none of Brock's Pokemon were (Croagunk was a mini mascot but nothing like Piplup). Even if May or Misty were in D/P they were most likely going to get more screentime than Brock anyway, Brock had grown stale in most peoples opinions.

    Are you excited for the "Best Wishes" saga.
    Iris and Dento look like great characters and in my opinion Dento will be a better character then Brock, do you like the sound of Dento???
    If the rumours about Dento being a womanizer is true, then it's needless to say he'd be a Brock clone. I am not sure, however, what the writers' motivation is to go an extra mile to model a character that's just a shadow of Brock.
    Good to see that there's at least one more person who thinks that monkey is overrated and over-hyped.

    And I also think that replacing Brock is a bad idea. If they're gonna just replace him with his clone, why not just keep Brock? Brock's personality is hard to recreate.
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