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Recent content by blog_dog

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    how did missingno. get in the game anyway?
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    Emerald glitch

    Rude... So very Rude.
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    Try finding more legendaries ;)
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    Nintendo, its time to let go...

    It sucks that nintendo doesnt goe farther than toronto or vancover i guess nintendo wont go farther in canada..Ever.. -.-
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    favorite starter

    treecko is the best!
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    Diagura Or Parukia?

    and everyone i mean in looks not stats or whatever the hell
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    will there be new pokeballs in 4thGen?

    what do u think? i think so if theres a new generation and theres new pokeballs there gotta be new pokeballs in 4thGen
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    Favorite Pokeball?

    the GS ball the most mysterous ball in the pokemon world and the powerfulest(more than the master ball :o)
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    Diagura Or Parukia?

    who is your favorite D/P rare? mine is Diagura whats yours?
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    Ok we have Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and now we have Diamond & Pearl so what's nex?

    i made a sprite for the idea of Pokemon Opal yettt my computer needed to be wiped out and i lost my sprite :( yeettt i can show u it when i make it again :D o yea and i think pokemon black and white is a great idea but instead of black and white how about shadow black and light white?
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    Ideas for 5th generation starters

    yo your better off waiting for the finishing of the 4th Gen before ya talk about that stuff
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    ideas for 4gen

    hey i got this idea that i think that in pokemon D/P you can fly region to region(like from shinou to johto,kanto even hoenn)but thats my idea if you got big ideas that you wanna post go ahead
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    what unknown is pictured in your dex

    mine is A but i wish i had ---> ;201-!;
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    Pikachu Stuck in Time Square!

    damn right man i wish i could cuddle with that pikachu..awww
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    Speed Deoxys

    speed deoxys is my hated form of deoxys but that new one...SWEEETTTT