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  • <3

    Okay, I'm not really into Rotom... What's your favourite Pokemon from Colress's ingame team?


    Do you have a Shiny Absol in the games?

    Good reasons for Skyla x Colress. But I ship him with you. And I'm glad he likes your personality. Do you think Colress will like your sexiness too? XD

    Do you like Togepi?

    Np :) I could also get a phione but that would mean my Manaphy wouldn't be UT anymore, I don't like how the daycare levels up pokemon :(
    ouch XD my dad is thinking about getting a 3 whelled car and it doesnt have ac, i was like "no dont buy it" XD
    yeah im not good and remembering the conversion factors XD
    ouch, he are supposed to get our firrst big snowfall tomorow XD to bad it didnt happen before school let out to get uss a few extra days off XD
    ouch, that smarts XD but yeah most celebrities are like that.
    point taken. XD
    41C huh?......i use farenheight so i only have a rough idea of that. XD
    For me, try freezing and very windy XD which makes it all the worse.
    really? i better not tell my freind that, he IDOLIZED Erwin.
    And i sit shivering XD take your pick. XD
    thats not bad, where i live it gets extremely hot in the summer and well below freezing in the winter, i want to live somewher where its more even year-round.
    Australia? sweet, i always wanted to go there. (I watched Steve Erwin a lot)
    hey, you never know XD
    question, does it ever got cold? or are u close enough to equator so that you dont get that?
    R u in the southern hemisphere?
    Snow is nice when there is enough to sled or snowboard, but if u got too much it just gets annoying.

    Right. And Psychic makes Starmie nice for Colress too.

    You're right. Do you personally like Rotom?

    Thank you!

    I'm glad it's fine. Red is my favourite colour too, but I prefer regular Pokemon over shinies.

    What do you think Colress sees as more important (if you HAVE TO choose), that you are a nice person or that your chest is the hottest chest on Earth?

    Why not Togetic? Sure, you're not a Togetic fan, but it was a Togepi for most of the time.

    Do you think Misty's Togepi/Togetic is male or female? Its gender has never been confirmed in the anime. I think she's female.
    Not really, my dads a teacher so he gets a good chunk of time off. I hope we can get some snow to go sledding.
    I don't think so, Latias can't be Ash's and Misty's child...

    I think Colress can have multiple types, but mostly Steel and Electric.

    Yeah. I'm not really a fan of Rotom, but I like Starmie and Lanturn. Besides, they fit Colress.

    I hope so... I don't want to disappoint you. Anyways, I worked very hard and spent about 4 hours on it.

    The Absol I drew isn't Shiny... Is that a big issue for you, or do you also like regular Absol?

    Colress is happy that his girlfriend (you) has the most awesome, gorgeous and hottest chest on Earth, but he likes your personality even more!

    What's your favourite from Misty's Pokemon?

    Me too. And she (I think Togepi/Togetic is female) is so cute! ^-^

    Then what human form would you want Latias to change in? Misty?

    How about Electric for Colress?

    Do you like Starmie for Colress?

    Don't expect it to be awesome, don't expect too much.
    Not much, its a good thing I checked my vms cuz I didn't get a notification when u sent this.
    * anime teardrop* < is what I wanted to say, my kindle autocorrected it XD sorry.
    Why lol? Do you agree or disagree?

    Thank you!

    Yay! Do you also like Misty's Togepi/Togetic?

    I love Latias too. I'm just not a fan of trainers in the anime getting legendaries.

    Starmie is genderless, and I thought Colress having two Water types (Lanturn and Starmie) would be cool.

    I finished my Christmas drawing for you, it's not that good, but it's at least better than I expected. And you look cute and hot on it! I drew you, Colress and an Absol under a mistletoe.
    Good. Misty is faithful and not ****ty.

    Well, I just don't like using words like tits, I prefer cuteness or politeness over pervy and rude words.

    Well, Misty misses Togetic and Togetic misses Misty. Would you want Togetic to return to Misty?

    True, Latias is more playful. How about Manaphy?


    I'm fine with Colress having Pokemon with a gender...
    - Metagross
    - Lanturn
    - Starmie
    - Klinklang
    - Magnezone
    - Absol (because Colress has a secret crush on you, he likes your nice personality and likes it that you have the nicest chest on Earth XD)
    I agree.

    Good that you agree. Ash and Misty won't cheat on each other. To me, Ash and especially Misty seem like they'd only have sex in a relationship. Do you also think so?

    I prefer chest, it's the most polite. I think you'd prefer me saying "you have an awesome chest" over me saying "you have hot tits"... XD


    Do you see why Togetic would be needed? She loves Togetic and misses it.

    Alright then. What do you think of Suicune for Misty?

    Do you like Ash's Pikachu x Misty's Togepi/Togetic?
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