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  • Another idea for you x Colress: you two doing an intimate and adorable hug in the water. Do you like that?

    Could you please answer my last VM?
    crap sorry red XD got flooded with vm's i can't right now...i want to finish fixing up some things and then try to get back into rnging something...i haven't rng in awhile...
    Those presents are nice. And both you and your dad spent a lot of money! Also, you said you got a spa voucher: how about you and Colress going to the spa? :3

    I'm glad you don't force Absol to go outside in the cold just because you and Colress have an intimate moment. Absol won't bother you. :p

    Is that a yes or a no?

    Nice! And Colress will love seeing you without a top, do you also think so? XD

    Oh. I think a wedding is romantic. <3

    And do you remember Rudy? He had a crush on Misty, and while Misty is 10, he's 16-20 years old (at least, that's how he looks). XD

    Is that a game? No, I don't have it.
    And that's what he deserves. He gives you awesome presents and saved your life. He's awesome! Did you also give him a present?

    Why? If Absol is asleep, why can't he stay inside?

    Then how do you like this idea: Colress rubbing your back with sunscreen?

    Or how about a cute hug? You being topless would make that even more intimate and cute?

    If you and Colress get married, would you want children?

    Do you remember Danny from the anime? He's 25-30 years old (my estimation) and he tries to flirt with Misty... XD
    That's so nice of your awesome dad! But let's not forget that his daughter is awesome!

    Nice! And then, do you think your Absol should've been asleep during the intimate moment, or do you think Absol should've watched?

    I asked that, because I think it would be romantic and cute to draw you and Colress (and Absol) on a beach without anyone else, and I want to draw you with what you'd really wear. So if you are on a beach with Colress, and no one would be there, no one else would come there and no one would see you and Colress, would you wear a cute bikini bottom and be topless?

    Nice! Do you think the guys there were drunk? XD
    no problem unlike PO you have to download...showdown doesn't need to be installed ;) just hop on and you have your account when setting up :p
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