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  • lol she a good girl i like her ;) also i don't think she posted in the clan much at all lately :eek: got to ask why now XD
    From how many people did you receive presents?

    Do you think that idea would be cute? :3

    Then in what situations would you?

    Does that mean you didn't like it, even though Brock was there?
    yeah ture ppl ad milotic ^_^ i jsut get updates of hetaoni she's on my friends list that why and in my clan :p
    Nice, a lot of good presents! What one are you the most happy with?


    I'm sure Colress would love to "do it" with the Sexiness Goddess (you). You and Colress next to each other in bed, naked but with the blanket covering you two would be so cute! <3

    What do you mean? Wearing a top if it's really busy and sunbathing topless when there aren't too many people?


    What did you think of the one with the drinking party, with that pervy man (Danny) wanting Ash to kiss Misty? XD
    yes ture you got a point there ;) just working on banners now for the shop XD so if im responding slower sorry :( doing a avatar banner right now...its hard to do this one someone game me two pokemon that can match the color tone but the last one is a grass which green is a btter choice and im having a hard time matching the scheme to the other two images XD but its the customers banner so i hope there alright with it...
    I'm telling ya, Grell and I had about the same reaction when that puppet thing went crazy in episode 12. XD

    I've never played Slender, but I'm pretty sure HetaOni's worse.
    Why am I not suprised that you played zombie games? XD
    What presents did you get?


    If you and Colress would be a cute couple and you'd be in the situation of that story (and you'd kiss him), would you "do it" with Colress that night? :3


    I like the second and the third idea for you. But when you're at the beach, you would not wear the top, isn't it? Would you want to be drawn with or without a top?

    Thank you! Which one did you like most?
    It's this scary Hetalia fan-game. If you've ever heard of Ao Oni, it's similar to it.
    I want to play HetaOni sooo badly but there is this monster that randomly appears and chases you and I'm too scared to play it(I HATE it when things pop outta nowhere.), and it doesn't help that it's 7:18 PM and dark where I live. God I'm such a chicken. XD
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