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  • Thank you! This is the story behind the drawing: you and your Absol take Colress on a holiday. You only wear a red bra under your lab coat, nothing else. In the hotel room, you open your lab coat, to show Colress something sexy is going to happen. Then, you hold a mistletoe above you and Colress, and then you will kiss and hug him. Absol is enjoying it, he's happy that his trainer found love. Do you like it? <3


    Did you also cry when Butterfree got released? :(

    For your birthday, how about a drawing of you and Colress at the beach? :3

    Could you please read the drabbles here and tell me what you think of each of them?
    Pokemon, Diablo, WoW, Fiesta, Luvinia, Mario, Assassins Creed, Team Fortress, Left4Dead, Portal, Tekken, Soul Caliber...
    the ones i hilighted are fighting games...all the others are different categories :p but thats cool two fot them you play...im actually really good with soul calibur ;)
    Also beautiful and sexy?



    Well, I normally don't care about chests and I think yours is awesome. If even I can like your chest, Colress must like it too.



    Bayleef is so awesome! <3

    Do you like Ash's Lapras?
    - Do you think you look cute, beautiful and sexy on the drawing?
    - Do you think it looks like you?


    Was that hard?

    I agree. If your chest can amaze me, it can certainly amaze Colress.

    Okay, sorry...

    Why not?

    Ash's Bayleef.
    lol my club is been so so but yeah i noticed your clubs have been inactive :/ im making art for one of them now...my new one...making banners for the spoliers...to make it more appealing..
    good glad your doing well :) and your welcome and im doing fine :) just been so busy with request form my shop and my new club XD
    I'm glad you like it! Do you think you look beautiful, cute and sexy on the drawing? I do. And again, merry Christmas, sweet kind awesome sexy scientist!

    Thank you!


    Are those legit or hacked?

    I'm sure Colress will love your lovely chest!

    Why isn't Misty's Togepi/Togetic your favourite from Misty's Pokemon?

    Okay, and if you think about it, what gender do you think it is?
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