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Blood Red
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  • I mean, have an antagonist rival for Ash..that would makes me happy... And I wonder when will Serena steps up her game... Will she gets into Ash's pant by the end of the series? We will wait and see XD

    Well, I used action replay code, so I have had Arceus XD

    Red,sonny, I'm your dad... I'm actually your dad from the past... I used Celebi to get to the future to see how you are doing... Seeing how arrogant you are makes me sad :(. Your mom hid my name because I have became a God of trainers myself...I can't visited home often... My name is Ethan..
    XY hasn't been having conflicts much for my taste...everything seems so happy for me... But at least its storyline has been really good for me and it's quality has caught up to DP in term of enjoyment...I expect more from them in the future :D

    Want to know a secret? I'm actually Ethan, you couldn't even 1v1 me, the Arceus you caught was the fake one like that Mewtwo...

    XD(let's keep this going)
    One lesson on Serebii...never pick up a fight with DP fans or you will be the one who will stop the argument XD(it's sad really...since I'm a DP fan as well).

    And the drought begins XD(Amour)

    Ha! I'm the champion of all the regions I traveled to... How do you think I'm worse than both of you... And I guess Mt Silver turned you into a gay XD. I have gotten all Pokemon, excluding Arceus because he's freaking OP... I defeated Drake like nothing, stopping all the bad organization, saved 6 regions from crisis...

    Really? So was there one? I missed it. Exam preparation -_-

    Yeah yeah. Wait till yours begin xD I hope I get the job. Pay is phenomenal, and it is in a ski resort. Accommodation taken care of :D
    I never take his comments seriously tbh XD.

    But still, I feel like whenever I say something bad about DP, they will call it bias and argue with me until I can't take it anymore and silent :x

    Ha ha, you think you know much,brat? Have you traveled to 6 regions like Ash Ketchum? Do you get hot grills like Serena?(btw, I wonder if they will reveal her full name) And Ash Ketchum is my weakest student of all time but he's better than you XD
    Good to be back too! xD

    Well, at least you aren't getting terrorized by exams xD Oh, and there's a chance I might go to Japan later this year for an internship
    I mean....people always making joke and not being serious about the anime at all... Look at LiazardonX :(. Ok...I guess Pewdipie is the only channel XD...oh sometimes I visit SoldierKnowBest... Yupppp that's all :p

    It's not even as OP as itself in the 1st movie... Well, genius, you think that only Charizard can Mega Evolve, you are death wrong... Bet you don't even know that there are 721 pokemon now... While you are still trying to catch a stupid Mew... HA!
    Maybe to promoting their gen? Idk to be honest... Every Amourshipping videos get hate on YouTube XD. Other channels? Which ones? Maybe we may get some similarities XD

    That Mewtwo was a brainwashed one, it didn't even know how to speak, I don't care about that stupid brat, you only defeated Drake... Bet you don't know about Mega evolution since you are sticking to that old school Mt Silver :p
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