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Blue Ace
Last Activity:
Nov 27, 2016
Mar 26, 2007
Likes Received:
May 16

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Blue Ace

Pokemon is Dead

Blue Ace was last seen:
Nov 27, 2016
    1. Kingdrom
      Hey Blue Ace. I was wondering if you would happen to have any Tyranitar and Rotom-W art, since I already checked your fan art thread. If so, could I have a link to them? I would use (and give credit for them) in my team that I expect to post in a few days.

      Thanks in advance!
    2. lkelder0511
    3. Dark_Wyanut
      Serious? No way, at least give me a list of the decent S&M raters and players.

      Some of these people won't even take advice seriously, or at least from me.
    4. Dark_Wyanut
      Hey Noir, whatsup lately ?
    5. Witch of 'Cos
      Witch of 'Cos
      Yo. Do you want to join a tourney that I'm organising?

      To get your team, you have to pick a RMT as the team that you use for that round. The RMT would have to be recent (AKA first 1-3 pages).

      There will be 16 people in this tournament. In the first two rounds, you will pick a RMT thread, PM me the link, and this will be your team for the first two rounds. Although if you like you can use a different ream for the second one.

      If you make it to the Semis and finals, you will chose a RMT of the person that you go up against in the match. If your opponent hasn't posted any RMT's you are able to use one of your previous ones from earlier on.

      So that's the details. I would be honoured of you join it.
    6. Rad3n
      Well I don't really like the wording.

      "...please be aware that if you continue to break the SerebiiForums rules, you will receive a one week ban should you reach 20 infraction points."

      Sounds way better.
    7. Rad3n
      Blue Ace, please be aware that if you continue to break the SerebiiForums rules, you will receive a one week ban if you reach 20 infraction points.

    8. Rad3n
      Post: "5-25-2009"
      Last Activity: "5-28-2009"

      ***** ignoring me? You're underneath me AND DL fool... I just have a lot of surface area so the layer is covered ... ... ...
    9. Rad3n

    10. Digital Love
      Digital Love
      Yeah I do. =333
    11. Digital Love
      Digital Love
      Thanks for putting me on top of Rad2n, btw
    12. GerbilGuy
      yea i saw now this thread is closed.
      have you got another thread some other forum?
    13. GerbilGuy
      idk :X
    14. GerbilGuy
      awesome, i will just wait for you to put them on the thread.
    15. GerbilGuy
      yo blue ace your art pwnz
      have you got a page or something with all of your arts?
    16. calum
      Can you please come to CVC Chat?
    17. #TWERKTEAM
      happy birthday!
    18. SpookyStove @_@
      SpookyStove @_@
      The Cacturne in your sig cracks me up every time I see it. F-ing hilarious.
    19. Tochukaso
      Every single time u make a complex ev spread i in out ur mom xd
    20. calum
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