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Blue Ace
Last Activity:
Nov 27, 2016
Mar 26, 2007
Likes Received:
May 16

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Blue Ace

Pokemon is Dead

Blue Ace was last seen:
Nov 27, 2016
    1. sachira450
      I've posted my latest competitive team. Would you mind checking it out and rating it? Thanks:)
    2. randomspot555
      There is no way Milotic is getting passed Blissey....
      Most Milotic won't be able to take down Tyranitar if it has enough SpD EVs.

      Not trying to be a suck up, but I've enjoyed reading your posts lately. Thanks for the knowledge.
    3. Blue Harvest 2
      Blue Harvest 2
      Some prick named Blue Harvest stole my name. God damnit.
    4. -WOLF-
      Would you like to participate in a smash brother brawl tourney?
    5. Keaton
      Its incredibly refreshing and encouraging to be welcomed back, thanks Blue Ace :)
      Nice to be back, kinda missed the enviroment lol

      I have yet to reply to your post in the thread I started but as you may have noticed, I'm still EV'ing to counter the likes of Garchomp whom are no longer a worry (thank god!)
    6. JRCxyz
      Hi there. I sent you a message regarding the rules on PTK. Also, I won't be able to write the rules for some time, because my computer isn't working.
    7. JRCxyz
      That's a shame. I would have love to hear "of course JRC, we'll do everything we can to make the community you like the most grow" or something along those lines. Anyways, good to see you posting again. *Walks away in sadness*.
    8. JRCxyz
      I was asking you what you thought of the CRMT and what you think we can / should do to improve it.
    9. JRCxyz
      I'm not saying that Mag should help us or anything, I'm saying that Salavoir said he thinks that he owes it to Mag.
    10. JRCxyz
      Hi Blue Ace,

      It's good to see that you're posting rates again and not only "Nice comments, 4 stars". I thought we lost you D: Anyways, I have to ask you something of great importance: What do you think of the current status of the CRMT? I personally feel that with the absence of Kingdrom and Salavoir and the lower number of posts by Rhys, that the CRMT is dying. I'll talk with Rhys about it and I have already contacted Salavoir in shoddy and we discussed it. Salavoir thinks that even though he won't be able to post as much, that he thinks that he owes the well-being of CRMT to a once certifed, now banned rater that he calls Mag. I want to get the support of you -the certified raters- to revive the CRMT, because without your support I won't get to far.
    11. sachira450
      thanks a lot blue ace :)
    12. sachira450
      oh and do you mind if i use those awesome pictures of yours for my next rmt. I'lll give you credit for them :).
    13. sachira450
      hi blue ace do you mind if i use your Scizor moveset that you posted on you resignation team?
    14. JRCxyz
      Yes there's a reason, it's for a RMT I'll be doing. If you don't mind can you say me why you like those Pokemon the most.
    15. JRCxyz
      Hey there, I have a quick question for you: Which three OU Pokemon you like the most and why?
    16. CROWN
      Hey Blue Ace. What's up? Can you help me with a team? It consists of a Lead Dual Screener Azelf, a CM Solrock with a few changes you'll see it if you go to singles rate thread and an Espy. Still working on the others this team will be for platinum singles battles.
    17. GerbilGuy
      hey can you give me a link for the CVC Forums?
    18. Aura King
      Aura King
      How you doin' Blue Ace?
    19. EpicSeraph
      thank you, thats precisely what i was after.
    20. EpicSeraph
      i believe it had a life orb, with max attack and not a lot of speed.

      the only things im interested in out running is skarmory, suicune and cresselia really (assuming min speed). its for the battle tower mainly but if it proves its worth ill use it competitively too.
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