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Blue Ace
Last Activity:
Nov 27, 2016
Mar 26, 2007
Likes Received:
May 16

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Blue Ace

Pokemon is Dead

Blue Ace was last seen:
Nov 27, 2016
    1. EpicSeraph
      hello blue ace,

      can you please give me one or two good scizor ev spreads, i was looking at the competitive team rates earlier and saw you posted a good looking one but since then i went to work and forgot it all lol.

    2. calum
      um... you know for your EV spreads, and how you sat 36 Evs outruns max speed Tyranitar, just an example, is that taken from and IV of 31 in that stat
    3. CROWN
      Thanks for the help Blue Ace. I'm just going to go back to the drawing board as there is no point in continuing with any odd teams anymore....
    4. Typhoon1
      thanks, it makes more sense to me now.
    5. Typhoon1
      could you take another glance at the singles rate? I just don't know about the EVs
    6. JRCxyz
      Can you please rate my Latias, it's on the singles thread. No one's rating it ;O;
    7. Digital Love
      Digital Love
      Cacturne makes me happy tho ;_______;
    8. Dragom master Tryce
    9. calum
      Have you adopted anyone?

      If not, can you adopt me?

      I really want to get good at competitive battling and it seems like you are the person
      to come to about that.

    10. randomspot555
      Think Metagross could effectively run a RestTalk set? It's defenses are in the right place, but the ground weakness could hinder it a lot.
    11. topical_poster
    12. azeem40
      That's something I like to do, and No problem. You're welcome; I hope we get more members and await for that moment in time when CVC goes big.
    13. azeem40
      Hello. How are you doing today, my friend?
    14. Rhys29
      Thanks a lot!
    15. Rhys29
      Hey, I'm running a speed tier and I know you love Vappy. Can you list some common Spe EV's/Natures that Vappy sets are to hit?
    16. The Gingerbread Man
      The Gingerbread Man
      ohai. I was outside, sorry D: Though you recognised the team, huh?
    17. Danbaru's
      They're baaaaad. But I digress.

      I've lost the CBC link again. Do we even exist anymore?
    18. Danbaru's
      Thanks, you're the best.

      Oh, and there are a couple of guys who basically post in EVERY thread. Such an eyesore.
    19. Megamiz
      merry xmas
    20. Danbaru's
      Oh I really liked the second one. Thank you!

      Times have changed. I've lost interest in Pokemon anyways, so I won't go back to it. Course, I might drop by once in a while. Catch you on MSN sometimes.
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