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  • Hey Blue Ace, I need your help.
    I want to build a new team, but I really don't know which direction to go or what pokes.
    Will you help me?
    Yeah Plat really did **** it all up. i mean D/P made it slightly unbalanced but plat was just too much. Offensive teams are all the rage and are boring as hell. "/
    Ah well i'll see you round the forums if you go on again.
    I guess everyone moves on from pokemon eventually.
    I had a look at The Smog today.

    Am a bit miffed because I had the same idea around six months ago, i.e. a monthly meta-game report produced by Serebii.

    But it looks rather decent.

    I've quitted Pokemon pretty much, but its still cool to see some people around. How be the life?
    Blue Ace, I finished my project at CVC. Are we still going to use PTK to host it, or are you done with Pokemon? I can find another forum to do it on if you are done.

    Edit: Btw, I can help finish writing rules if you are not done with Pokemon and still want PTK to host it. But only if you are not done with Pokemon yet.
    Well ok, D_A IS nice but Anti is as Archer puts it, gone a tad bit 'egotistical' and since D_A + Trolls = ban + infract, I get on his bad side
    I'll try >_>

    'Cept my PC attitude is going to be hard to die down cuz you know, people like anti / D_A are heartless and just say things the way they are, so I built my character on that >_>
    The thing is, it's hard NOT to yell at these guys. Like obvious things... as in referring to Stone Edge > Thunder Fang
    it won't let me pm you unless you delete some messages.
    thanks for the images, now i can complete my RMT with yours, finally.
    hmmm, I don't think I'll be well on my own cause I constantly need your defense >_>

    So are you like... one of the most respected users here or something?
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