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Recent content by Blue Ace

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    the one in your avatar

    the one in your avatar
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    The Music of Pokemon[OU]

    252 HP/236 Atk/4 Spd/16 SDef If this isn't for WiFi, whcih it obviously isn't, then there's no reason to not run Max HP with SDef investment, it just takes away from the potential bulk you're striving for. Can't see much other than that at the moment. /bad rate
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    bullcaca youre 16

    bullcaca youre 16
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    I like how all the good users are banned now

    I like how all the good users are banned now
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    The Gifts of Gratitude [OU RMT]

    Didnt notice your sig before, now I know who you are. You're that sexy chick with the furry fetish. Wheres Hobby and the others? I thought one of them would have taken over by now.....did they all quit too? or did they all chop off their nuts and went to smogon?
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    The Gifts of Gratitude [OU RMT]

    I sense Undead Lust is strong with the ways of the troll. Also hi assassinsceptile, I remember you. Dumbass noob mother****ers need to learn their place nowadays, and is if I honestly give a crap about being banned at this point. Also congratulations on your horrible grammar and use of...
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    The Gifts of Gratitude [OU RMT]

    The cake has been and always will be a lie, I thought you would have realized this by now. Also no. Who the **** are you? I made the thread more interesting though. http://s1.zetaboards.com/Poke_Ten_Kaisen/topic/1163943/1/ More Tyranitar possibilites for you.
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    The Gifts of Gratitude [OU RMT]

    I ****ing lold. Glad to see Skymin got what was coming to it too. Now the tiers look exactly how they were supposed to before Smogon started smoking their crack and trying to put all Ubers into OU for lulz.
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    Team Hax Hatred

    Hey guys I made post.
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    CB Magnezone!? (OU)

    Regardless of the above statements, thread title still fails and there is no amount of Machamps that can fix that weak.
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    Mess with my team, YO GONNA HAVE TA RAGEQUIT! (OU RMT)

    Why get so lazy with Lucario's EVs? just give it enough to OHKO the bulkiest of Blissey and that's it, dump the rest in SpA. You also don't need all that speed, you only need around 228 or so iirc, unless you insist on plaing the coin flip game. And really it's been 3 ****ing months since I...
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    YGO ADV: Macro Monarch

    Ok I traded Vayu yesterday for Caius, Cyber Valley, 2 Spys, and an Iron Chain Dragon, since I needed all of them. Mirror force is too expensive, and alright I'll trust your knowledge since it is significantly better than mine on this matter, I'll -1 Sakuretsu for another Dark Bribe, assuming I...
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    I love you too

    I love you too
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    YGO ADV: Macro Monarch

    Well with Yugioh you are free to go with what you want and be (somewhat) original and no two decks are ever exactly alike, unlike pokemon where you have to make a team of only 15 possible choices and the result looks just like everybody elses'. Well I just got back into the game a few months...
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    .::Serebii Debut::. --- [OU] --- Wi-Fi

    Most of the raters here are mediocre or worst also there is nothing to rate when everything is so bog. And from several past experiences on these forums, Smogoner's only post here either to: troll/ bash/ stroke their egoes. Someone like you shouldn't be doing any of these here, you really are...