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  • Thanks for keeping it real in the anime threads. We need more level-headed and rational people in the fandom (or perhaps people who can make actual arguments and points about why SM/BW was such a terrible series lmao).
    Blue Saturday
    Who me? Level-headed? :p

    I try to not be too much a pestilence with my posting and catch myself when I’m being irrational. Same to you, your post are always very reasonable whether I agree or not they’re always a pleasant read~
    Galarian Ponyta not being a Fairy is a crime against humanity because it has the lore and flair of a Fairy ‘mon -BUT....Psychic...?
    I’m glad it didn’t. I feel like too many variants would of gotten the Fairy Type smacked on them since we already had the Vulpix line and now Weezing line.
    I don't expect SM fans to complain about the SWSH' anime. I do expect the XY fans to continue complaining about how the anime isn't XY.
    They are just mad because XY/XYZ in the grand scheme is inconsequential (just like BW). The only noteworthy thing to come out of Kalos was Serena’s kiss and even that doesn’t matter since Ash doesn’t age so they can’t be “together”.
    Never mind. It looks like they've disappeared entirely, funnily enough.
    Blue Saturday
    No worries, they’ll be back for a potential league to shitpost and make the fan base hell.

    *knocks on wood*
    Tbh, I didn't watch much of DP, I just pointed this out because apparently it's the fandom favorite. I watched XY after taking a long break since OS, and I was displeased on how the companions were treated overall to the point I made a fanfic to defy the show status quo, nothing about which series is better to me.
    It's strangely cat themed but I like it. Meowth is a Pokemon that hasn't been featured much in Pokespecial. I only recall seeing it in that chapter where Red is helping Prof. Oak get all the Pokemon back to his lab. So Meowth is welcomed, even if a new version of it. As for Litten, it comes as no surprise given the starter pattern.
    What did you think of the Clemont+Cilan special? Was it awesome? And try not to bring Sun/Moon spoilers into this. ^^;
    It's funny that you mention Chesnaught because while I do like it, the Pokemon Elections have it listed as the least popular starter. Even Emboar and Meganium beat it out by a decent margin I believe. ...And I lost to Cherubi. ;_;

    For me it's probably Gen V => Gen VII -> Gen VI -> Gen III -> Gen II -> Gen I -> Gen IV
    Agreed. I really love all the starters this generation! They might just tie with Gen V as my favorite sets of starters (although I do like Kalos' as well)! Even Incineroar looks very awesome animated and shows its heel wrestler origin very well!

    Primarina is probably my new favorite Water starter. I have always loved Swampert but its design is sooo perfect imo that it's hard to not use it in Moon!
    Yeah I wish they were more specific about it. I thought Decidueye's signature move was some non-attacking move but fortunately it isn't. Spirit Shackle(?) looks pretty cool to use!

    See there you go! It would fit it's siren-like origin: Looks pretty but is deadly in reality.
    Wait Sparkling Aria actually damages the foe? I mean I know the site days it's a special move but still. That said if it is indeed another kind of Smelling Salts, all they need to do is give it Serene Grace!

    (I have only looked at the starters and nothing else. Not even the other Guardian deities. :I )
    Besides 5 remaining UBs and 5 Alolan Forms, there are only 11 species left to be revealed officially, and only three more lines.

    This is pretty much XY over again.
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