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Blue Saturday
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Jan 19, 2020 at 3:44 AM
Sep 29, 2009
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Electric Forest

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Blue Saturday

too fly, from Electric Forest

Galarian Ponyta not being a Fairy is a crime against humanity because it has the lore and flair of a Fairy ‘mon -BUT....Psychic...? Oct 9, 2019

Blue Saturday was last seen:
Viewing thread Pocket Monsters 2019 Anime: Thoughts before anime started vs thoughts now!, Jan 19, 2020 at 3:44 AM
    1. Janovy
      OMFG. he guessed Iris. xD
    2. Janovy
      Kodomo ne, yourself. :P
    3. Janovy
      Nope, it takes too much time. xD
    4. JennaJayfeather
      You click play (where the genie is talking :) you just put ur username, age then you can play ^^) I think where it was talking about your phone was probably for an app or something =/

      AAAH Whatever XDDDD

      Lolz Zekr/Reshi or Iris/Dento XDDD Everything's Black and White in Unova...even Ghetsis's arms. I like that they added different ethnicities and races for people in the games.

      XDD True. That makes sense, I've read that before, just I wouldn't let the Christians who bash Pokemon hear that ^^; not all do, but ya know...things happen.

      It cooouuullldd be XD Nah. I like gentle things XD

      Yeah...now I'm even finding it funnier how the va's are like the characters. It just makes SO MUCH SENSE 8D I wonder though, how do they choose va's? Do you know? I was trying to figure that out =/

      XD That'll make things fair :3

      OMG THAT'S SO MUCH EASIER XDDDDD why didn't I think of that? I'm starting my own box with this stuff XD

      Really? What happened?
    5. JennaJayfeather
      No you don't..at least I don't think so O.o I know I have one, but I didn't need it for that.

      Yush. They call it capturing them XD I laugh. "You gotta Capture 'em all!" They actually used that line in there XD instead of "Catch"

      XDDD That explains some things... XDD rofl Reshi and Zekr remind me of Dento and Iris.

      True...but Giratina is based off of antimatter...XD Pokemon #666 will be some devil chicken/rat.

      I like Electric types, but I don't have a favorite type =/ it's probably grass though because I like gentle, pretty things. I found that hard to believe too, but I found it rather cool! :D

      Yush. That is perfect. Yeah he is, I love his singing voice *.* XD it's funny how the va's fit in with the characters like that :D THEY DID THAT ON PURPOSE!!!!

      XDDD Train 'em all!!~ And have some for reserves :3

      XDDDDDDD Big surprise there. When you write to her, DON'T WRITE IN PURPLE, write in GREEN :D oh yeah get a Mew and name it Kakuna Matata....well if you ever get one XD

      Same here. I didn't eat my cereal coz it reminded me of oatmeal >.>
    6. JennaJayfeather
      Here you go XDD This site is amazing. Though it's possible to trick it :D

      XDD True...but PMR logic is changed due to the fact that well...it's Ranger XD I love it though. I love the humor and the game. I even like catching Pokemon XD

      *looks it up* OMG IT DOES XDDD Eh still Reshi >>> Zekr to me :p I do like how Zekr shines blue though XD

      Yeah, there is. I think it looks really cute. It could, I hope Dento and Iris do get featured in movies (and like you said: 2 for Ash :D) I would FANGIRL squeal if Dento has his own movie and they have the ending song be something like this probably not, but it'd be nice if they used Miyano for that XD

      XD; Ok. Druddigon are pretty cool though anyways :D

      XDDD That's so perfect lolz a Snivy named Lumi and a Oshawott named Alexa XDD

      I do, well not personally but I have seen them around ^^;
    7. JennaJayfeather
      Yes. It was amazing. I might dig up the link and send it to you XD it's amazing my mind was BLOWN.

      Yeah same here =D it's no fun to talk to someone pessimistic *cough*unless it's Nick from Pokemon Ranger 3 *cough* ;_; which you should play someday ^^ You're fun to talk to too! I enjoy it :D

      YOU KNOW WHAT?!? RESHI IS AMAZING <3 Zekrom looks like Palkia drowned in an oil spill!! and grew teeth!! XD what do you expect the other movies to be like? I've got my hopes up for the Meloetta movie starring Dento...

      XD;; Yeah. Most of my friends watch those shows. If I was in an anime while watching thoughs I'd probably have a sweatdrop xD

      OOh! That seems like a great team. Yeah it was summer. Oh yeah, I have a Druddigon egg for you. Would you like me to hatch it first to get a girl and nickname her? Of course by the time I come back you may already catch one XD

      OMG THAT'S A GREAT IDEA!!! I should get a male Pikachu and nickname him gotpika XD
    8. JennaJayfeather
      XDDD OMG it is. There was this one site where it would think of anything of what I was thinking of o.o it even guessed Dento!!!

      XDDD How true. I love that little guy. I don't care if Ash doesn't catch him :) that doesn't mean it's bad writing or anything ^^; I think it's good to have wild Pokemon follow them :D

      Yes they are. I love many animals though ^^;

      Or Ash gets Reshiram :D depending on the movies >.> it still sucks though coz I like N too. This will be the first movie I HOPE isn'nt canon.

      Oh, hmm I'll try and find it.

      ^^; No not really. Most shows like that I find too....I don't know they just aren't my sense of humor =/
    9. JennaJayfeather
      XDDD Future site is awesome though :D

      I sort of am dreading it too. I mean on my side of this if Dento DOES beat Shooti (unlikely) then they'll fuss about he's too perfect -.- honestly, he and Iris are sort of on the same boat ^^; It's easier when you ignore, but even for myself I feel that I just can't sit there and let a character be bashed :(

      Aw...I like cats :3 I would thnk they'd be allowed coz they don't bark or anything ^^; and they are clean animals..

      Yes I am, I can't wait for it. I HOPE I can find it in JP but I'll live through the movie(s) I think ^^; I just, in a way hope they aren't canon...but if Dread is eviler than I thought it'd be fine. I was worried they "replace" N :<

      Really? I think I need the code though ^^;

      Yeah..at least that's how I view them XD
    10. Graham Aker
      Graham Aker
      Yes? What's up?
    11. Janovy
      Windy, just the way I like it! :D

      And, at your place?
    12. Janovy
      She always says that about him. :D
    13. JennaJayfeather
      XD Maybe you do!

      OOOH ok I see. :( I think that's a silly rule. Can you have cats?

      ^^; Yeah they do take too long. It' s very time consuming...lol the beasts help. I need to EV train one some time ^

      XD I saw that. I knew it was either the audio or my tv. I wasn't sure which one XD eh I prefer the JP ones ^^;

      No, I wish I did D=

      Woops XD yeah I meant the Battle Subway. I'm too used to saying Frontier ^^; yeah it is a bit like cheating I suppose, but if you bond with it along the way I don't think it feels like it.
    14. JennaJayfeather
      XDDD YOU CAN!!! It's almost creepy :p

      They are sweeties~ :( it's too bad that you can't. Is there any reason why not?

      I KNOW!!! IT's TERRIBLE!! I DEMAND A REFUND!!!! Man I miss the Battle Frontier in Platinum ;_; that was actually fun.

      Eh they have some music changes here and there I notice. Plus i don't like how the music is low in the dub. It's probably just the voices that get to me though ^^;

      XD they look so cute and cool. I just want to change my c gear though. I'm sick of the black background XD

      I raised a Victini on my main team for a while, but then I removed it because you can't really use them in the Battle Frontier or anything ^^;

      btw my play time for Black is 142:17 XDD;;;;
    15. Janovy
      It's afternoon here. :D
    16. JennaJayfeather
      XD Actually I DO have a Jolteon named after Ash. I was planning on getting a Glaceon and naming it May (I just didn't feel like getting a girl >.> ugh it took me long enough with Iris XD) and I was thinking about naming the Umbreon, Brock XD I'm trying not to copy with Eeveelutions...so if I plan on getting a "Dawn" I'd probably just use Eevee ^^

      Yeah I do. I have a miniature Poodle, a papillion and a shih tzu :3

      Yeah I KNOW!!! DX Then for beating Emmet...or is that Ingo? Which ever one you only get 10 points!?! What the heck. Last time we'd get 20 for Palmer DXX

      Yup!~ She watches the anime too, but she doesn't follow it TOO much. Well same diff....kind of XD

      Eh I got sick of the dub in DP. Too much stress by worrying over voices and music changes...

      Yeah their is. It has the monkey trio :3 the Victini one looks really cool ^^

      It sucks >.>
    17. Janovy
      Yes, but I don't watch that. :P
    18. JennaJayfeather
      XDDDD I know. It's not a big surprise :p but hey I named an Espeon after Iris XDD I love Dragon types :3 yes it is. It's like Quick Attack BUT BETTER 8D

      Ehh I don't know my time atm, my DS is in the living room and I don't want to leave my room coz the dogs will bark and wake up my parents ^^;

      I hate how you only get like 3 points each time. It takes forever. You should get seven :p XD so you have sort of a schedule going? I have a friend coming over at 1:30 ^^ hopefully she brings her game XD

      o.o Honestly.....................I forgot a new dubbed episode of Pokemon even came out today XDDDDD I don't watch the dub anyways, but I guess it's good I'm getting it off my mind...coz I really don't like the dub. Though I'll admit, it's A LOT better. I just can't stand Cilan's voice. It just doesn't have the enthusiasm of Dento's >.< he's trying though...that I can tell XD

      I wouldn't like that DX I know a lot of people seem to want to leave >.> but I'm not one of them XD I still need to get used to driving ^^; I can drive but I freeze up easily....but I can probably overcome that with more driving experience...

      UGH afjldhj I want those cool c gear backgrounds!!!! :DDD I want the Victini, the Cafe one, the Reshiram one ugh I want them all!!

      XD You know...I don't even know if I get Disney and CN here o.o we barely have ANY channels which sucks. We had to call the company to get Animal Planet XDD
    19. Janovy
      I heard of it, but I never watched it. xD
    20. JennaJayfeather
      Yup XD Those ones. I even named them after the Sanyo boys (rofl I did this in HG ^^; ) I love Dragonite. I remember I had one in FireRed too, but I got this one from HG and she knows Extremespeed :D

      Yeah...I TRIED to go slow, but I get hooked on the plot so I just want to play it XD oh wow! I think that's longer than I've played XD

      Yeah, neither can I ^^; well I can be alone at like (normal) school and I can be fine, but I don't think I could be alone without my parents.

      Pssh...I haven't been and can't go and it's KILLING me. I really hope that random person I met on there is watering my berries...eh probably not XD but I COUNT on them to, but they don't know it :p
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