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Blue Saturday
Last Activity:
Dec 7, 2019 at 6:31 AM
Sep 29, 2009
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Electric Forest

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Blue Saturday

too fly, from Electric Forest

Galarian Ponyta not being a Fairy is a crime against humanity because it has the lore and flair of a Fairy ‘mon -BUT....Psychic...? Oct 9, 2019

Blue Saturday was last seen:
Dec 7, 2019 at 6:31 AM
    1. KibaLG8
      Usually someone makes a retarded thread. The basic rule is to report and be done with it. I usually get a little fed up and answer to the thread as well. I am aware of the rules and it is better to just report and dont bother posting... or I may tend to insult a user here and there.:p
    2. GaZsTiC
      Ah, sorry. I take the sprites from Bulbapedia.
    3. KibaLG8
      I havent gotten an infraction from bulbagarden.... from serebii I get it from replying to spam.xD I was banned at serebii for a week because of my sig being over the limit. But I usually get infractions from Encyclopika, Juputoro, & S.Suikun...... Sushi is such a nice mod though.:p
    4. GaZsTiC
      If you want. ^_^
    5. CommanderPigg
      I've known about this place since 2006. My sister has an account here that she uses for trading since 2009, but I didn't want to make one of my own until September of 2010. I come here occasionally to lurk ^^
    6. Encyclopika
      Just responding to your report. I acted accordingly, but the best I can do in your defense was a warning.
      In the future, I agree with Manene!, just ignore them if you find their responses to be rude. There are a lot of members in PAD that think they're awesome-sauce because they've been around forever - yanno, they walk the walk, talk the talk. :P Just let it go - you'll be there soon if you stick around.
      However, if they really are breaking rules, report, just like you did.
    7. Manene!
      There are tons of douchebags here, it's best just to ignore them. You're never going to go into a thread and find someone not attacking someone else. Seriously, just ignore them. Like, don't bother to respond. It's what they want.
    8. Blue Saturday
      Blue Saturday
      Thanks Sceptile Lover
    9. Umbilical Noose
      Umbilical Noose
      Nice thread about sparkles dude. I hate that stuff and I hate stupid combination more.
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    Electric Forest
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    Manga, Animé & Cartoons, Artist, Graphic-maker, and PKMN-gamer.