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Blue Saturday
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Jan 24, 2020 at 4:26 PM
Sep 29, 2009
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Electric Forest

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Blue Saturday

too fly, from Electric Forest

Galarian Ponyta not being a Fairy is a crime against humanity because it has the lore and flair of a Fairy ‘mon -BUT....Psychic...? Oct 9, 2019

Blue Saturday was last seen:
Viewing thread July 10th: M23 - Pocket Monsters the Movie: Coco (Jan 10: Teaser), Jan 24, 2020 at 4:26 PM
    1. Trainer Yusuf
      Trainer Yusuf
      So, apparently Kirbopher's favourite series is XY.
    2. Platinum fan.
      Platinum fan.
      Well XY will be ending this year so it won't be long now. I'm just hoping Sun and Moon will be a improvement.
    3. Platinum fan.
      Platinum fan.
      Well after XY I am keeping my expectations really low for the next Pokegirl. Whether it's Lillie, glove world girl, or some Gym Leader I'm going into Sun and Moon expecting the girl to suck and hopefully be pleasantly surprised if she turns out okay.
    4. Platinum fan.
      Platinum fan.
      Realistically I'd want a entire reboot with a new lead main character. Since that is off the table, I just want Pokemon to be fun again. XY started off really fun but just became one big kiss Ash's backside season. The rivals, the sidekicks, everything was thrown aside to make Ash look like this invincible trainer and his friendships with Serena, Bonnie, and Clemont came off as forced and fake. Like people were paying the blonde brigade to kiss up to Ash and say nothing but good things about him. I want new dynamics in the next group. You can be friends with someone without worshiping them all the time. No forced shipping subplot. If you must have shipping them at least show interest on both sides. Half of Serena's character was wasted on Amourshipping which was a one sided ship designed to make Ash look even more godly. I want the sidekicks to have stories again. The coordinators had great stories and rivals that revolved around them. For once the world didn't revolve around Ash. I don't know why they cut it in half. There's so many things I want to change in the Pokemon anime that I can't even name them all.
    5. Squirtle_007
      I just want to get thinner, building muscle would be a secondary thing, I'm training box because ... it was the only thing available when I got there XD, gladly, I've been losing more weight, it will be one month tomorrow since I started, I'm going slow, but secure ... I haven't mastered the punching bag ... or the rope yet :/, but if the scale is going down, it's OK.

      So, which team will you choose: Team Pokéowl, Team Pokécat or Team Pokéseal?
      I'm debating between Owl and Cat, the Seal is cute, but not as cute as the other two, but Alola confirms Serena and Clemont will leave as the blandest companions and I hope writers will learn from that mistake, with the launch date confirmed, it looks like XYZ will start the rush through Ash's LastBadgeSixthPokémonFlareClimaxKalosLeague, it will be fun to see how much more screwed Serena and Clemont could be
    6. Trainer Yusuf
      Trainer Yusuf
      Yeah, exactly, though I am referring specifically to that model set I showed you ages ago.

      No idea about the context, but there are a lot "fix" and "what if" fics for the first two Adventures for obvious reasons. So I'm kind of reminded of that trope when I saw that pic. Granted that trope is basically what they are doing right now with tri and PSP game so.
    7. Trainer Yusuf
      Trainer Yusuf
      I was talking about the pics, not the series at large :P. I called that pic "face of true evil" because I can no longer unsee Kari and TK in the places of their brothers, whereas the other was a joke about the weird Christian conservatism of that pic.

      ((If you want to talk about the series and fandom at large, that is fine. Though all I can say is now that I am surprised that Ken merch became relevant for Tri :P. I wonder why you are *** about GeekChic though)).

      Also, http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=48148539 Pixiv seems to have same ideas as English Fanfiction fandom.
    8. Trainer Yusuf
    9. Trainer Yusuf
    10. Platinum fan.
      Platinum fan.
      I never liked the Ash vs Clemont story. You knew in advance Clemont was going to lose and with all the Ash glorification it made Clemont the underdog and he still lost. Sawyer faces the same fate now in the Kalos League. I doubt he'll win. Ash was simply a impossible obstacle to overcome because he's the main character and thus is protected more then any character. Clemont is a character I'm going to look back on and just see wasted potential. Bonnie too. And despite one some say, I think Serena suffered as well with such a lame goal. I found all three of their interactions with Ash forced. To be fair I think Ash's chemistry with characters has been artificial since DP. It feels like characters are forced to cater to his personality rather then it flowing naturally and it's just another thing I don't like about him as the main character. The sidekicks are forced to carry the show from that regard. I liked XY at the start but it fizzled out and was just a Ash glorification season. It became a chore and the characters that all started off interesting just didn't live up to the potential they could have had. I'm pretty tired of the Pokemon anime these days.
    11. Squirtle_007
      I started gym a week and a hal ago, I feel ... fine so far, I mean, I'm still in the beggining part where the pain makes you wish to be dead, but at least I've lost a couple of kilos (I don't know how to convert them in pounds) and it's going well, I don't buy coffee anymore, I go weekdays from 2 to 3 pm, which is cool because is almost empty and I don't get to wait to use the stuff ... but uncool at the same time because there are no trainers and I have to go to do whatever makes me sweat without supervision.
      You do MMA?, WOW, that's all kinds of awesome :O ... I still can't work with the punching bag properly XD, actually, I still learning how to jump a rope.

      Yeah, I'm mexican, living in Mexico, and about my hair ... well, I've always short because it's curly, I HATE curly hair, it's annoying, makes you sweat a lot and itches, I cut as soon as I can because I actually like to have short hair.

      Pokémon anime so far has been so underwhelming that I can only think in one thing to ask ... what do you think Sun & Moon will bring: A new generation or Kalos 1.5?
    12. Platinum fan.
      Platinum fan.
      Thank goodness. Spritzee creeped me out and it would have been way to stereotypical to just put one on her. I'm waiting for the day where we get a girl character with ugly powerful brute Pokemon as her team, just to be different. It'll never happen but that is the kind of female lead I'd want to see.
    13. Trainer Yusuf
      Trainer Yusuf
      Alright, I hope you get to express whatever dissent you have after the election.
    14. Platinum fan.
      Platinum fan.
      Discussions around here have changed since I joined. Most of the people I spoke with during the DP era are gone now. I guess it's to be expected. People grew out of Pokemon. I'm shocked sometimes I still stand with Pokemon. There's something about it that keeps me around no matter what. Not sure about all the tags and shipping stuff but I hope Sun and Moon revives the anime for me. I most desperately need it.
    15. Trainer Yusuf
      Trainer Yusuf
      So, what do you think about 2016 US elections?(You might need to send it privately).
    16. Platinum fan.
      Platinum fan.
      I agree this upcoming Serena episode should have happened much sooner. I'd actually prefer she used her own Pokemon in battle but I guess that's just me hoping for too much, especially at this point. Still it looks to be probably one of the better Serena episodes XY will give us all region. I would have very much enjoyed Serena with her game quest of being strong. But given this was the Ash glory season I don't see how they would have fit her in. Her Kalos performance quest was made short to be done with early. I really hope next generation treats the sidekicks better. I'm really hoping for that.
    17. Platinum fan.
      Platinum fan.
      I haven't played ORAS actually. I never bought into the hype. I just played my old Sapphire and Emerald games. The XY games I did like, but there were some laziness factors. Team Flare seemed like one of them. Not a lot of post game quest either. I liked XY but there wasn't enough replay value as opposed to like Platinum which I love to replay. Anime wise yeah, I have no problem with the main character being on his game but this was too much, too in my face. Especially at the expense of so many new characters that need the exposure and they are going to put everything on a character that's been here since the 90's? No wonder characters aren't as popular as they could be they don't get enough. XY was just a chore to get through and I'm on the fence about Sun and Moon. I guess we'll see.
    18. Squirtle_007
      Haha, I actually only want not to be tired all day long, I remember having more energy when I'm doing exercise ... and it would be nice going upstairs without getting tired, my first goal is losing weight, fat people clothes is really exaggerated, is not only wide, its long in the legs too, I trip a lot with the pants (-_-), and maybe some good exercise could help me to sleep better.
      About the food ... well, I've never been a Mc Donald's fan, their burgers are so freaking small, I only go there for the afternoon coffee, and there is no Taco Bell in Mexico, but it looks really artificial, I like to eat because I actually like to cook but ... well, I think I could be just fine if I only have something "nice" to eat once a week.

      You said something about your hair, what do you do with it?, dye it?, cut it?, leaving it long?

      I think I'll skip the MC ranting, I've been saying enough, but actually what bugs me the most is not how much screentime he gets, but how much screwed over his companions are because of said screentime, they easily are the most underwhelming companions Ash ever had, Tracey at least had the excuse of being only one year.

      I totally forgot about Ice Beam, that was actually my argument about Goodra returning, and I think it's really likely because if Ash gets a sixth capture, it will feel very rushed, but it's totally fine, I like Goodra XD
    19. Platinum fan.
      Platinum fan.
      Game wise I'm excited. Always excited for new Pokemon critters. Anime wise I'm wary. XY was in my opinion, a very disappointing series with a few good things that just barely kept me watching. But with Serena's goal done and Clemont and Bonnie just floating around I'm pretty much done watching XY. If this is the future of Pokemon, and Ash keeps getting this much glorification I'm out. I don't need the Pokemon anime to be a Pokemon fan anymore.
    20. Squirtle_007
      I guess I could give it a shot, maybe that would help me to not feel tired or anxious all day long, also, I don't like what I look in the mirror every morning :/ ... and there's clothes that I don't fit anymore ... and honestly, I prefer working out than buy new clothes, I HATE buying clothes ... but yeah, I think I'll do it, for a strange coincidence, lots of people that I know are getting into working out.

      I haven't seen Master Class yet, but a major competition with 2 episodes is something new ... and not in a good way, the whole Performance thing looks like something writers made just to make Serena look relevant ... and miserably failing at it.

      At this point, I think Goodra will be the only option, I don't think they will make Ash going to the League with 5 Pokémon, he has to have at least one full match at the League and reserves are not subtitutes for Kalos promotion ... it's a shame, I wanted Ash with a Kalos Grass-type, all of them were really cool
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