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Blue Saturday
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Jan 27, 2020 at 10:25 PM
Sep 29, 2009
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Electric Forest

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Blue Saturday

too fly, from Electric Forest

Galarian Ponyta not being a Fairy is a crime against humanity because it has the lore and flair of a Fairy ‘mon -BUT....Psychic...? Oct 9, 2019

Blue Saturday was last seen:
Viewing thread February 2nd: PM2019 011: Koharu, Wanpachi, and Sometimes Gangar Too, Jan 27, 2020 at 10:25 PM
    1. Dragalge
      And don't forget Korrina's who Japanese name is supposedly "Corni". How...corny. .__. Then again we're talking about the same franchise that named an icy blue bird after a part of a refrigerator (Articuno). Not bad names considering I actually know a number of Gen V Pokemon's Japanese names.

      Shauna should have had a Venusaur by now but nah the writers stuck her with an Ivysaur and a Flabebe for the Master Class.
    2. Platinum fan.
      Platinum fan.
      I do like Serena but I have my share of issues with her too. The late start and going 40 episodes of doing nothing was terrible and frankly I think this is what ultimately hurt the character. She didn't even have half of what it takes for Pokemon to make a good goal storyline like the usually do for the girls. I like Serena but I hope they don't try and do this again. Ad like you said she's likely doing nothing for the last half of XY so it just feels like the girl really got cheated this region. Clemont too. Honestly only Ash benefited this region.
    3. Platinum fan.
      Platinum fan.
      Serena's story arc is about to end soon. What are your overall thoughts on her run as the female lead?
    4. Dragalge
      Well obviously Trova and Tierno will watch for Sana, Pansy + Viola probably were just passing by and noticed it being broadcasted, Corni / Lucario / ME-Guru were probably just generally watching TV and took an interest in the performances, of course Grace for Serena and lastly Platane + Lab Scientists for Serena.

      Speaking of which, Platane you jerk! You're suppose to be trying to find a cure for Manon's ill Hari-san or trying to find out what the heck Puni-chan is. Not watching little girls frolic on a stage.
      Wait who is this "pansy" person you refer too? Alexa isn't by any means a "pansy".

    5. Squirtle_007
      I actually was ... well, "am", honestly in the same point as you were before: I don't feel like I "belong" to a single genre of music, but I keep the positive thing about it and enjoy the uniqueness of each gender ... of course, there are kinds that I hate no matter how they sound (that Pitbull s*** for example).

      By now, I can't really feel involved in Pokémon XYZ, I mean ... Serena will be background fodder and shipping bait for thirty-something episodes when her Tripokalon train wreck gets the axe (in a two episodes-arc ... TWO EPISODES), Clemont is getting something worse than the Brock treatment ... he's getting the Tracey treatment, being in the background while every single character shines more than him and getting episodes "focused" on him that are mostly fillers, Puni Chan being in the movie poster makes me think that the Flare Arc will be very dragged along, and if the results will be as crappy as XYZ has been so far, then I think that will affect Kalos League too because I don't believe writers will be able to handle it with Flare Arc at the same time
    6. Squirtle_007
      Glad to know about the music fest, it seems you really enjoyed it :D

      XY season as a whole has only been enjoyable for Ash fanboys because he has been doing well ... but curbstomping his rivals and breezing his way through Kalos making every single female (and Clemont) drooling for him is not my idea of "enjoyable", after mid Johto, Ash became a hollow shell that must fulfill his duties as main character because Pikachu needs a stroller, that's why I'm here just for the companions, and the Blonde Squad has been really subpar and I don't think they will redeem themselves in the proverbial 40 episodes XY has left.
      Serena spent 40 episode doing nothing but being a hollow waifu, and it looks like she will finish her run the same way because her crappy career will get the axe this month, I'm ready to see her fading in the background worshiping Ash because let's face it, in episodes where she is not the focus, that's her role.
      Clemont had a great start, but it was only a 6-month sample, then he became another Ash fanboy and nothing else, people think he will get a great arc with Blaziken Man, but I can almost ensure that it will be a crappy 2-parter (at most) that Ash will somehow hog for himself.
      People says that Iris & Cilan were the worst handled characters on the whole series, but at least they didn't faded in the background most of the times when they weren't getting focus.
      Seriously, I don't think nothing could be worse than Serena and Clemont in terms of wasted potential and badly handled support characters, but the writing staff seems to be taking it as a personal challenge
    7. Squirtle_007
      Happy New Year ... and Valentine's Day D: ... sure, it has been ages, but that just should give you an idea about how invested I've been with XYZ, seriously dude, I haven't watched the series in the last 2 months, since the December break, I haven't been in the mood to watch what's been happening because ... DAMN!, Serena and Clemont are reaching Tracey levels of blandness :/, and now that writers decided to give the axe to No Contests (potentially) 6 months before Gen VII comes along, I'm afraid about what will Serena do before she leaves ... because I know what will be: Shipping fodder, and Clemont as expected, after the Lumiose fiasco, he got nothing, not even a little arc, not even an episode about his dreams or goals ... nothing, heck, even Bonnie is getting more involvement in the Flare arc than him, there is a lot to cram into the gap between now and Sun & Moon: Ash's sixth Pokémon, his eight badge, Flare finale, Kalos league ... they are not gonna make it, I know they won't, but, actually, writers did a terrific job making me not giving a crap about the Ash Fanclub and I honestly can't wait to see them leave
    8. Shneak
      Thank you! All about those #BigPecks.
    9. Dragalge
      And I just wanted Kalos to have a better postgame. :I

      Hopefully Sun and Moon or whatever we get will feel more complete.
    10. Pepsi_Plunge
      Hi, thanks

      I'm great, what about you?
    11. Platinum fan.
      Platinum fan.
      Note sure about number 1. I have given up on any chance of that happening for me. Number 2, I think is a flip of the coin. I starting to really believe that XY is the answer to everyone whining about BW and it's "treatment" of Ash. Maybe it can happen with the sidekicks but I doubt it. I don't know if we'll ever get strong battler sidekicks again. Especially if XY becomes the norm. Number 3 is the most likely to happen. I'm not calling for Gen 7 just yet, but XY has really gotten boring when Z started.
    12. Platinum fan.
      Platinum fan.
      Personally no. I'm not enjoying XYZ at all. I'm just bored. Pretty much for everything you just said. Team Flare arc actually has me yawning. Clemont, who started off so strong as a sidekick has become so poor. I wish he stayed at his gym. Serena, I like her, but her goal is just not at all exciting. I need battles from her. Then there's Ash who's just slayed all his rivals. Sawyer got killed by him, even with Mega Sceptile. Why on earth should I root for him when he's got no competition? He's become the super rival in Kalos. Sawyer is the underdog I want to root for at this point because the kid is up against impossible odds. And yet Sawyer will be the one to get squashed at the league with Tierno, another underdog. Bonnie is the only one who still makes me smile but even she isn't enough to hold the anime for me. I'm only watching a select few of episodes and then I ignore the rest. XYZ proves no matter how interesting they make new characters they don't matter in the long haul of the journey and will not put all there effort into it. I'm just bored. I almost want this to be my least season of Pokemon.
    13. Dax
      Cool! Then you look great with no real effort. That's fantastic!

      It's not that it's bad, it's just that I fought a lot to finish my degree and my minor and I shouldn't have to work at a fast food restaurant if I have a degree.
    14. Dax
      That's a great way to start 2016! Change is always needed to give life a little bit of spice. And it makes me really happy that everyone supports and loves your new trend. How do you maintain them?

      And I'm fine. Currently looking for another job because I CAN'T STAND Chipotle.
    15. Dragalge
      Thanks a lot! I hope yours went swell! :)
    16. Dragalge
      Merry Christmas!
    17. Dragalge
      Happy belated birthday! Mine isn't until the 27th of December. :I But man I wish I had a job to earn money but I have college + the fear of not knowing what to properly do in one.

      Dang it's been since July since we last talked! I'm good! Can't wait for tomorrow since I get to go home for Thanksgiving weekend. And thanks for the compliment, I do try to be content no matter what. ^^;
    18. Dragalge
      How has it been for Blue Saturday and will it really be a blue Saturday tomorrow?
    19. Dax
      I'm good, except completely consumed by work. I underestimated how expensive New York is...and cold.

      Attention is not such a bad thing. We all need to balance the periods when we're noticed and when we hybernate. Is your hair long enough to pull the dreads off?
      1. Vivencia55 likes this.
    20. Dax

      Why is it scary?
      1. Vivencia55 likes this.
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