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Blue Saturday
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Jan 28, 2020 at 4:54 AM
Sep 29, 2009
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Electric Forest

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Blue Saturday

too fly, from Electric Forest

Galarian Ponyta not being a Fairy is a crime against humanity because it has the lore and flair of a Fairy ‘mon -BUT....Psychic...? Oct 9, 2019

Blue Saturday was last seen:
Viewing thread Pocket Monsters 2019 Anime: Thoughts before anime started vs thoughts now!, Jan 28, 2020 at 4:54 AM
    1. Trainer Yusuf
      Trainer Yusuf
      Well, you know why they used Houndoom. Other E4 members were given Megas from X/Y, so the only one that would fit Malva was Houndoom.

      As for the agents, the plots that were used to warm you up to them were given away to TR, so the only one remains is the main plot, which will likely last in thee series proper as long as episode N. So they can introduce Xerosic and others whenever they want(if they are planning to use them, of course).
    2. Trainer Yusuf
      Trainer Yusuf
      See, I told you.

      I'm waiting for the great Lemon fics featuring Lysandre and Malva.
    3. Trainer Yusuf
      Trainer Yusuf
      Calm you feelers, Kamichu. We will be starting the Team Flare arc sometime in November or December.
    4. Trainer Yusuf
      Trainer Yusuf
      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    5. Trainer Yusuf
      Trainer Yusuf
      Apparently one of the merch I posted contains new Pokémon.

      Get hype.
    6. Trainer Yusuf
      Trainer Yusuf
      Holy **** Takeo.
    7. Trainer Yusuf
    8. Squirtle_007
      Yeah, sorry about that, but this season has been so ... dull and I've been so busy with my job that I don't have enough time to follow the Ash ButtKissing Season :/
    9. Pepsi_Plunge
      Ehn I'm not that insulted by the Waifu thing it can be funny and people do it mostly to joke but there are some guys that yeah, they actually are into lolis and "want" them to be their waifus, in this case even with Serena "objective" its more of the whole idols things that exist in japan, where they idolize someone for being beautiful only and that person usually looks super bland and futile, not the creepy thing, it annoys me that the same kind of people that liked Hikari and somehow hated Iris now loved Serena as well because they are basically the same kind of character and that mostly shows me that people don't give a crap about characters as long as they look good.

      Serena doesn't make me not watch episode, I don't like the general premise of her character but I can just skip them like I do with the beauty pageants, the thing that makes me not want to watch the anime is repetition and TR.

      I didn't drop DP because of Hikari, I watched most of the important episodes and even saw some of her contests because of the battles, so I wouldn't do it because of Serena, actually even though I like Haruka I stopped watch Hoenn because of the reasons above which is Team Rocket, BW was the only series that actually changed the formula, no TR we got actual episodes written not the same thing with a different Pokemon being stolen, we had a bigger roster(some got less screen time because the roster was bigger), fun characters with good personalities, mini arcs, tournaments, etc if all of this was happening I would still be watching every week, so now I'm in DP mode watching only important thing and I might go Hoenn mode eventually aka not watching anything(came back in BF).

      BW with more evolutions and Shinji as a rival would be my ideal series.

      If I had to hate on someone it would be the writers, not the fictional characters they created.
    10. Trainer Yusuf
      Trainer Yusuf
      Either way, it is going to be a good bandwagon for them to ride on.
    11. Pepsi_Plunge
      I like characters with the focus on their personality, not look how cute they are, thats fine with Pokemon like Dedenne but not for a human so yes I like those two.
    12. Trainer Yusuf
      Trainer Yusuf
      I guess so. It was a random figure I found, but apparently it is very recent.
    13. Trainer Yusuf
      Trainer Yusuf
      Look its Ken.
    14. Dragalge
      Yeeeees you are. You love this gen! Wait a second, the Mega Evolution Act IV logo is red + green right? And the Zygarde booger-thing is supposedly red and green too. Connection maybe?
    15. Dragalge
      What do you think of the blob thing and the giant silhouetted monster?
    16. Squirtle_007
      Hey!, I'm still alive, but ... honestly, I think I missed like ... 4 XY episodes by now, I swear it's getting duller and duller with the time that I don't even feel motivated to post anything :/
    17. Pepsi_Plunge
      Someone has to show the light around here.
    18. Lorde
      Oh lol, hi. I haven't seen you around much lately.
    19. Lorde
      Is that you, Doryuzu?
    20. Grey Wind
      Grey Wind
      Where did you stop? It falls apart a bit towards the end but it's still a fantastic series imo.
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