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Blue Saturday
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  • Hey, I couldn't resist. I got a good laugh from those posts. Unfortunately I was also eating.

    Heh, I'll keep it this way then, since you're like the third person to comment on and I had it for less than an hour. I was thinking of switching back to the quote of Robert saying he grew a mustache when he was 9 but maybe I won't. :p
    :p tks like I said I dont like the fitting argument but yeah a banchou pokemon fit the shonen hero most not the cute bland girl.

    Expecting some downvotes with, I dont agree with you justifications XD.
    Btw, your tumblr image suggests me that you are using the default Serebii skin which messses up the VM convo page. Use the other skins like the XY skin so that posts don't get jumbled up like it did in "that" image.
    Agreed about your last post, I wish I could give you a positive rep but I must spread some reputations before giving it to you ;P
    You need to send that to sister Lorde. She needs something to cheer up. Ever since Oshawott left, she's lost her touch. I expect her to enter psych ward in the next days.
    Yes, it's quite an elitist system. Your privileges are based on your reputation.
    Finally joined Tumblr, in the process of learning how to edit my blog, I'm so terrible lol. Can you link me to your's, the link in our older convos doesn't work.
    I am trying my best not to be spoiled by the pics. But they look so interesting!! It seems like we have some good Ash--Clemont moments and Eureka--Serena moments. :p Ahhh, 50 min for my download to finish!!
    Watch as Cybercubed releases another XY is the new AG statement if Serena catches Espurr or Meowstic.
    I didn't know about Bulbagarden. Does it think it's Facebook now? o_O

    The name of a forum, it was very popular and then suddenly died. After working there I realized how awful of a job being a mod and admin is, so I don't know why people try so hard to get modded.

    Well, I can't get into the story much, but I think I like animation in general. It probably has to do with the fact that I want to continue my studies in film, preferably, directing, so I'm always paying attention, to colors, angles, expressions, when I watch.
    I'm 23 but I look 15.

    I still question the implementation of this system or why it's so popular, but authority always has its dark moments.

    I was a member of some forums, (was an admin in Pokemon GTS), but then I chose to stay in this one for reasons I still haven't truly understood. I guess, this one was passionate about the anime while others weren't. I don't consider myself an amazing fan because my reason to watch Pokemon is kind of superficial ( I just like seeing my favorite pokemon animated~), but at least in here I can discuss some aspects of the series that interest me. I don't remember when I got into Pokemon, though.
    You're a kid?! I always thought you were as old as me. You're so smart. :'( I should leave this forum as soon as possible, I don't want to be old and posting on Serebii.

    Yeah, I'm against the system because people just use it as an excuse to not properly argue about a topic. I'm not trying to make this place an intellectual forum, but I think it's adequate behavior to solve differences by discussing them, not by giving someone a "negative reputation".
    Yeah, I’ve noticed this forum is full of conventional thoughts and retrograde thinking. I’d like to believe that the reasoning behind it is that most are kids and some haven’t truly understood the difference between gender and sex or how behaviors and tastes aren’t exclusive to a specific gender, but then, I see that most of Anime Spoilers is full of mature people, so I don’t get it.

    I want something from the Flabebé line to make Ash’s team, not only because I like the species, but because some people need a slap in their faces.
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