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  • Ah right, that. I didn't know there was a name for it. Yes, I did do that.

    I haven't played any pokemon in a few months honestly. Can't do any more runs of it till I get Bank, which I can't get till I get a job.
    Ah nice. I haven't done anything in the battle tree. I gave up on battle facilities in gen 5. Decided that I wasn't having fun when doing them.
    Ah, I see. Seems like a real pain in the butt to me, but I also gave up on dex completion years ago. I just like going though the games trying out different pokemon I've never tried training before.
    I need to use a Glaceon at some point. It's such a cutie and ice is such a cool type, pun completely intended. I plan on using Espeon on one of my runs of Moon. I tried to use one in Platinum but I ended up abandoning the run since Drifblim and Gastrodon were so not fun to use that it kinda ruined the experience.
    I'm sure you'll win, monotypes are never really the greatest teams. Speaking of which, I might do an ice monotype run just for the heck of it.
    The starters look pretty dang good now that I've seen the official artwork for them. Ghost type is definitely an interesting choice to be sure.
    That's what I tend to think as well. Better to wait for that sort of thing to be confirmed. Speaking of confirmed info, I kinda love the new bird, it's probably going to end up on my team. I like the new bug as well. If it's good I might just have to use it on a team.
    I'd be fine with fire/dark. It is still a cool typing even if we've already seen it before. I am quite fond of Houndoom, so I would not mind another fire/dark. People seem to be talking about fire/ground right now. Something about finding something in a line of code on the site, I'm calling bs till we get some kind of confirmation.
    I hope that the ruff around the neck turns into frayed jagged fins, that'd be really cool. I really hope it evolves to be cool.

    I like Litten quite a bit, it'll probably end up being my starter. Fire/Dark seems really likely, but I really hope it's Fire/Poison.
    I hope so too, ice is a cool typing. (I swear the pun was accidental)

    I love the starters this time around. Though I am slightly meh about the water starter. I don't want it to evolve into a clown, clowns are weird.

    I bet Rowlet will be super cool when it evolves.
    That'd be really cool. Any new type combos with ice would be wonderful. Too many pure ice types in recent gens. I tend to prefer dual types.
    Yes, I would like to see a lot of good ideas. The one thing that I really want is more love for poison types. Poison's my favorite type and I look forward to being able to train new poison types (assuming we are actually in gen 7). Fire/poison is a typing that needs to happen. I am soooooo exited for Sun & Moon. What sorts of things are you hoping for?
    I am completely aboard the hype train. And the hype train ain't stopping. I wonder when the Direct actually comes? I know it's supposed to be tomorrow, but tomorrow in whose timezone.
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