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Blue Snover
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  • Hey Blue! It's been a LONG while, so I thought I'd say hey. What's up? What's this mess about leaving Sppf?
    Ah dont worry lol! It's okay, glad that your reviewed the fic though! I will get the next chapter up soonish
    Hey Blue! In the normal Anime section I've posted some news about the Pokemon Anime in the UK and if you could could you post in it just so that people can see it cos it's slinking down the page. Thanks
    I still remember sitting there and thinking damn these guys are us. It is more a mix of the TV and movie guys that fit us better. Like how the movie Face gets some action without being shot down, but the TV Face looks like he could be bi, so those two make me, but I'm like the movie one when it comes to fights and stuff. Also I'm not whiny like the TV one. Apart from if you guys put your muddy shoes on my white sofa I'd ****ing kill all of you. Or how the movie B.A. is a good fighter, but not like Hulk on steroids good of a fighter like the TV one, and also the movie one isn’t a jerkass. The movie Murdock also fits Adam better. Both Hannibals seem to fit you well.

    I guess so. The economy is improving pretty slowly, after the crisis we had a few years before.
    Good luck on your job though :)
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