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Blue Snover
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  • It's not my problem, EVERYONE has the same complaints about her. Actually, I'm one of the better kids in her class when it comes to reading her handwriting.
    She's just a bad teacher.
    Well she does teach us stuff, it's just hard to listen to her talk for 40 minutes because of the aformentioned bad accent and excessive repetition. She also makes us do a LOT of copying notes.
    Well as the great MERFGT once said “He who seeks butter finds out marriage is like pudding"

    I've lost all hope in my history teacher, though. She has a bad Chinese accent, bad enough so that it's hard to follow her when she talks, she says "alright" at the end of almost every sentence (and sometimes randomly in the middle of a sentence), she repeats herself way too much, and her handwriting is downright unreadable.
    I started 8th grade on Monday. So far I really like the first half of my schedule and I really don't like the second half.
    In the morning I have math, band, aand science. My math and science teachers are really cool and band is the same as it's been the last 2 years. Then lunch. After lunch is when my schedule starts to suck. I have English, American History, and then gym.
    I have the same English teacher I did last year and he is really obnoxious and he makes everyone be dead silent. Maybe I'm justr weird, but I actually find it a lot harder to work when the room is dead silent then if their is a little bit of noise. Don't even get me started with my American History teacher. I could write an essay about the bad things about her. I dont like gym because I'm just not very athletic.
    You're lucky, you don't have to go to school anymore. Although I guess you had to when you were younger.
    4 days off of some place you don't want to be at, its like only a day to most people...like me -_-. So, what's up with the User Title?
    I actually checked my bank balance today and Ive got $174. I think that is plently enough.
    So I spent a few hours trying to get something to work on Batman Arkhum Asylum and then I found out that I was moving the joy sticks the wrong way. The six energy drinks I had did keep me up, but at the same time made me need to go to the bathroom all night and all I had energy for was to sit in the bathroom or lie down in bed all night. Oh and the trackpad on my laptop won't click to I need to get that fixed.


    So things calm down for you any?

    : secrets? I have a lot of secrets! like...when I was younger my uncle & aunt used to......

    [IMG]: no one cares and no one wants to know, Duskull.

    the SI kinda expensive though, but that's the older people in my family's issue.

    So.....what's up?
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