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  • Cool. I have been talking to KissMyGrass again, and we have decided that by the time he gets to the place where he could do a possible cross over with my piece, I would of probably finished mine. So we would have to do it later on, after I have finished.
    Hello Blue3MayField. I have been talking with Kissmygrass, and he says that you wanted to do a collabaration thing with him. I also was thinking of doing something, and he sugested we do a three way thing. I hope he hasn't already told you this, overwise I'm wasting my words. But yes. What are you writing about?
    I posted Episode 5, as I can see from here on your profile. The mystery will be solved and more happens. Just wondering, would you like me to put you on the PM list. You would be the first.
    Okay, I sent you the preview for chapter five of my fic, not like you could miss it. Be on the lookout for the rest of the chapter later on.
    Cool! Sounds interesting!!

    For me, two kids journey in Sinnoh and try to be a Trainer & Co Ordinater (Boy & Girl respectively). They catch Pokémon, meet new and old friends and stop Team Galactical.
    Oops, I was thinking about someone else I helped out. They did a Johto Adventure. Sorry!
    I just saw your fanfiction (actually I skimmed through it) and it is obviously better than the first fanfiction you did in Johto (and then I helped you make a second one). I'm not going to say anything about description because people might say my description isn't too great.

    Also, with my Sinnoh Adventure, I have just started typing Chapter 1.

    Do you have a general idea for Pokémon Heroes? (I have an idea for everything for my Sinnoh Adventure.)
    Stop adding fake episodes list or I will report admins against you. Please, take care of it in future. So, kindly don't post those stupid fake titles.
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