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  • lol I sure don't. I tried learning how to play piano when I was 8, but I gave up.

    I know this is random, but have you forecasted for next year yet?
    That's really cool. So then you play instruments? What do you play?

    My spring break is going to consist of catching up with some SSBB, and then going to Newport for a couple days (tomorrow, actually).

    Spring break really needs to be 2 weeks long.
    I don't have many plans for Spring Break, except that there is some music I'm composing and entering into a computer program to make the parts and score. I'm participating in something called the Young Composers' Project, in which young composers write pieces for multiple instruments, and work with some musicians to put their music into multiple parts and to improve it. What will you do over spring break?
    Yeah, fair enough.

    I haven't had time to play any video games really. At least spring break is coming up. Do you have any plans? :p
    The thing I don't like about Final Destination is, since it is very small and has a large distance between the edge of the platform and the kill line, the biases it has. It favors fast, physically-based characters with good recovery -- in other words, Metaknight. I like medium-sized stages.
    I like Final Destination because it's just simple and aren't any platforms or obstacles. It's very straight forward.
    Infernape would have also been interesting in Brawl; It has a mix of physical and special moves and is humanoid in shape.
    I'm now best with Wolf, and can beat a Level 9 about half the time, a little more. I like Wolf because he is strong but not especially slow, and has excellent smash attacks. What stages are your favorites? I like Distant Planet, Brinstar, and Onett, because it's usually an advantage to be on the bottom of the stage, but not always on those stages.
    Yeah, I'm glad there's Samus, but there should be more than one female character like that. :/

    Mew would be interesting. I would've liked to have seen Blaziken in SSBB.
    I agree about there not being enough female characters, and the wrong kind of female characters, in video games. The main exception is Samus; she is in a very non-traditional female role! Since D/P came out before Brawl, I think that Pikachu, having a straight tail tip, is male. Mew as a playable character could be interesting; I could see its B attack, Metronome, using one of a random player's special attacks (and not just B; things like Down-B too).
    Pikachu could be female too.... I think the game was in development before DP gender differences were created...? I dunno.

    But really, what female characters would they add? :( Video games in general have targeted boys for way longer than girls. Girls haven't really been "welcomed players" in the video game world imo. Typically, female characters have been damsels in distress or villains, or support/background characters to the male leads. There are exceptions, though.

    I just hope they make more female lead video game characters in the future! :( And not just games that target girl audiences either. I've noticed that a lot of TV shows/movies aimed for kids that have female leads are generally classified as "for girls". >_>;
    Another character I don't use much is Captain Falcon; for the most part he's an inferior Ganondorf. I don't think Snake is so bad, but his missile launcher and grenades are hard to control. It's easy to get attacked while you're immobile, or to have a grenade bounce back onto you. His A attacks are good, though. I know what you mean about there not being enough female characters in Brawl. There are only Samus, Peach, Zelda/Sheik, Jigglypuff, and the female Ice Climber.
    Oh! I play as the Pokemon Trainer too. I just wish he could've been a girl... or at least an alternate costume making him a girl. There aren't enough female characters in SSB.

    My worst are probably Ice Climbers, Olimar, and Snake.
    My best character currently is Metaknight, and I can almost beat a Level 9 with him. What is your worst character? Mine are Ice Climbers, Olimar, and Pokemon Trainer.
    Oh, you know, I don't remember. lol I got the game the first day it came out... :X

    Yeah, I use Zero Suit Samus sometimes too.
    I usually use Ganon, Falco, Pit, or sometimes Ike or Zero Suit Samus. Just yesterday I beat Tabuu, and it was the hardest part of the game so far. What is the extra 18% of the Subspace Emissary that's left after beating Tabuu, though? How do you unlock Wolf, Jigglypuff, and Toon Link?
    Brawl is good. lol Which character do you play as the most? I usually play as Kirby, Pikachu, Lucario, Bowser, and Pit.
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