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  • Okie dokie, do you want to do some trading later on - when are you going off? It's nearly 11am GMT, so it would be 6am where you are :).
    Hey, I've noticed in a couple of threads where you post about Pokemon being popular and overall accepted in Japan. I live in Japan.

    That is true, it is, but nowhere near the scale as you seem to think. It's greatly accepted, and everyone finds it pretty cool, but I mean. You're not instantly popular, nor treated any special just because you play. It's just another video game to a large amount of Japanese people. They're currently more into this like. It's either Dinosaur or Bug version of Pokemon. Pokemon's accepted, loads of people play it competitively, but it's not like. A one-way ticket to awesomeness. It's like, "You play Pokemon? Great." And that's it.

    Just letting you know. Pokemon is popular here though, you are right on that.
    Ah lots and lots...reddog95 what do you want for them? I don't want to be rude but could we please meet up? If you can't, or if I don't have the item then I'll meet with Guywhoiam (PM me when you are available please :) ).
    hey when you reply can you click on view conversation before you reply?

    That way it posts it on my profile

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