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Last Activity:
Aug 17, 2011
Feb 2, 2009
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Eevee/Dragon Master, from California

BlueDragonNine was last seen:
Aug 17, 2011
    1. 7eeveelutions
      You seem to have disappeared again :(
    2. Lulamoon
      I'm doing pretty well. I go to a Pokémon group every week and I own a clan here. ^^

      It's the Black Ice Clan if you're interested in competitive battling.
    3. 7eeveelutions
      Life's been good. I went to Yellowstone National Park earlier this summer. That place is amazing, and the temps there were only in the 60s and 70s, compared to 100+ here, so it felt great outside. There were lots of birds of prey too (I love birds). Something like ten ospreys, six bald eagles and a single golden eagle counted over the five day trip.

      Otherwise its been a little boring. But I did get a laptop for graduation, and a finally got a cell phone a few days ago too.
    4. 7eeveelutions
      The old forum never really got far, then I spent some time on the forums of some friends, before finally creating another EE forum. Its worked out fairly well since I opened it, with periods of downtime followed by periods of activity. Right now it seems to be just starting a new period of activity, however with college starting for me next week and starting soon for one of the other members I'm not sure how long it will be active for all the current squadrons.

      You don't have to join, and if you do join you don't have to post, you can just come and chat if you're online while the rest of us are.

      So how have things been for you lately?
    5. 7eeveelutions
      Wow, its been like...... two years since I lasst saw you. Hello again!

      It was deleted a long time ago (summer 2009) because it broke the rules for a social group. I was aware it broke the rules when i made it. And more recently they disabled social groups altogether. But since then, I've created my own forum for Eevee Elite roleplaying :) The timeline has advanced from the First War off the original rpg to the Third War of the current one and there are two new opposing teams in addition to the Brotherhood. But I haven't been real active here on Serebii so I guess you didn't miss much here, you just missed a lot elsewhere.

      http://eeveeelite.b1.jcink.com/index.php?act=idx Here is a link if you want to join. The place isn't all to active, right now there are...... 4ish active members. But there is a chatbox at the bottom of every page! (It'll start you with a really wierd name, just click on it to change it). My chat name is Sol right now and my forum name is the same as here :p

      Edit- Oh, haha, didn't notive Vader had already posted the link. Since I last talked to him the rpg became undead and I have no intent of closing it anymore. I didn't just kill off my squad's whole command structure for nothing!
    6. Lulamoon
    7. Lulamoon
      You're back! *Hugs*
      I think he closed the forum you were on and created a new one. I think he's going to close, if he hasn't already, the current one. I'll give you the link in a minute.
    8. BlueDragonNine
      hey peoplez! I havent been on in forever. now i'm back i guess. yay. xD
    9. Onyx Rayquazer
      Onyx Rayquazer
      ... okay, no comment
    10. Emo_Kirlia
      You're on my friends list (I think we added each other because our Birthdays are close or something) and I only talked to you once or twice so I thought i'd drop by to say 'Hi' ^_^.
    11. Lulamoon
      I'm kind of tired... I'm going to bed soon.
      Anyway, I need you to post in the Eevee Elite. I'll give you the details in a PM.
    12. Lulamoon
      Hi, Sapphire!
    13. teetee99
      Hows it goin.[IMG]
    14. CROWN
      Thank you.
    15. empoleon49
      i am back now
    16. Magical Pokemon
      Magical Pokemon
      Yes? Was there something you wanted to talk about?
    17. empoleon49
      i will be a while so just wait here
    18. empoleon49
      same i have level 100 mewtwo mine knows hpyer beam, fire blast,pysic,aura sphere i also have a level 100 abra of wifi a level 100 arceus(off my freind) and i used to have level 100 mesprit but trad3ed to my freind
    19. empoleon49
      surf,waterfall,rocksmash,hydrocannon never lost a battle since 75! realy good moves inflicts alot of damage!!
    20. empoleon49
      it is slow no music and stuff like that but there is indigo...
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