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  • Thanks, indeed i'm trying to collect the pokédex but i'm doing it on a slow pace :) while i do some shiny hunting and other things. I'm actully now just collection the pokédex for my gba games. I'm only stuck at it with 3 thats Mew, Celebi and deoxys. I've mailed nintendo for the events in my games so i can get deoxys and mew the celebi is going to be a pain as the only way i could get it is with a JPN celebi bonus disc and they are way to expensive to get (just for that one pokémon :() The rest is really going on a slow pace as i also put some time in collecting some shiny's and that sometime takes alot of time.

    Anyways good luck with your shiny hunts.
    Welcome to the shiny club, i'm also a member there, i would like to tell you that i'm as you, i dont trade with anyone as you never know if the pokémon is hacked or not. I just wanted to tell you that.

    Good luck on your hunts, and is it ok that i befriend you?
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