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  • It's hilarious how a lot of us agree Michele Knotz as Jessie was the best.

    I hated Max's TPCi voice. It's not because it didn't fit, but because it (IMO, of course) didn't sound like Amy Birnbaum at all. It still definitely fit the character, but wasn't a good sound-alike to me. XD.

    I just did a few hours ago. I feel a lot better now. Thanks for the tip. :)
    Thanks for filling me in on the situation. I APPRECIATE IT. :)
    I do remember that movement it was one of the biggest movements back in 2006. Fans Petition meant absolutely nothing to TPCI which is the reason why they losed so much respect because it showed that they didn't care about there fans. Veronica Taylor,Eric Stuart, and Rachael Lillis still wants to come back which really breaks my heart. Im hearing that SOVA is growing on Facebook and im hoping that we have a chance to get them back in the future.
    Why won't these Forums support you guys. Alot of Fans like myself miss the 4kids Dub.
    And I APOLOGIZE I don't know the Groups history the only thing I know is that you guys Regroup back in 2011. So if you can please explain to me about the groups history?
    I suppose I find that everyday heroism a bit charming in a way. Sure it's cheesy, and there was a long string of said eps, but Johto did a great job showing the bond between trainer and Pokemon.
    True. I think that's a very smart idea. Are you starting with, "Don't Touch that Dile!" as well? I'll look forward to seeing your reviews of the episodes. :)
    Sounds good. I'm doing fine on this end.

    I still don't understand why everyone hates the Johto arc. I loved it...I mean, I understand how the filler can get aggravating, but the series arc itself was pretty good. :)
    I have to agree.
    Pokemon has no real emotion anymore, nor originality. Ash, Brock and Misty were the original trio and the best. I don't know why, but the writers seem to think that changing characters automatically solves their problems, which it doesn't. It's not "fresh" when it happens ALL THE TIME. There's no real sense of adventure, either. There are no morals, any morals are forced.
    The producers should aim at a wider audience :) As the audience grows up, new kids will come in their place, sure, but what if new, similar, better anime come out? The kids will watch THAT instead.
    The writers can do it, they just need a better sense of direction...
    Yeah. Though I'm not one to talk about negativity, I complain a lot myself :p
    Question: What do you want out of the anime?
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