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  • Unfortunately it seems your opinion immediately got challenged for saying that. Although in good way it seems you hit sensitive spot with your neutral reply capturing anti side interest.
    True, so true. Although it seems you are dealing with person which lost any faith in Brock character and writers ability to make him worthwhile again. Did you saw his latest reply directed toward you?

    Exactly this kind of indifference and lack of thrust in writers and characters is one of main reasons why good chunk of fans is so narrow minded toward new unexpected twists and reuse of older characters. However with way you are replying back to him perhaps you manage to get him/her see your point.
    Your posts are always such an interesting read. What you said about Brock in that thread is pure truth agreeing with it,.
    Yes! xD [Veronica Taylor was the best Ash! >=3] I have met Dwail, and they're awesome. xD I'm Silver, you can call me Silver, Silv, Silvy... Heck, I've even had people call me Glow. xD
    Awesome bro. Keep it up. Same thing here. I only have a few days left before classes start on my end, so I'm trying to make the best of my remaining days of vacation. :D
    Hey man, how's everything? I do hope you're doing well. Sorry I haven't been talking to you much lately. I'm doing a lot better these days! :)
    Veronica Taylor is my favorite voice actor! :)
    I miss the whole cast, though! If we ever get a redub of Seasons 9-13, I'd love to see them in it! And Eric Stuart as James in S14-15 redub, Rachael Lillis in S14-15 redub, and Nathan Price (R.I.P. Maddie Blaustein- the best Meowth ever IMO!) in S14-15 redub!

    Or if Eric, Rachael, and Nathan come back along with Veronica in S16 (which probably isn't happening but you can hope!).
    Thanks, but rather than putting it in the context of something we need to do, its that TPCi will have greater incentive to take care of their own problem. I wouldn't suggest boycotting, because we really can't force them do anything long term that way. They have to make their own choices based on fan feedback, so we have to be helpful and encouraging to them and to other fans whenever possible.
    Hi. Just wanted to let you know I wholeheartedly support SOVA. I am actually still angry to this day that they changed the voice actors. And it shows; I've pretty much boycotted every season from Battle Frontier on. I'm happy to see the group starting to gain momentum again. Keep doing what you're doing and we may have a good chance!
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