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Recent content by blueorangecar1

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    Favorite Cartoon Network Cartoon

    Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, it is just an amazing show, makes me always enjoy watching it. Too bad it's off air, only way else to watch them is iTunes,Youtube, and such :/ . Regular Show is the only show I watch on CN, nowadays, and that's rarely.
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    Weak and Strong

    My entire team of Remoraid's go wherever I go, it took me two years to make these perfect six(Thanks to horrible luck). Too bad they can't take down electric types efficiently :/ .
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    Do you still use the pre-loaded (or downloadable) Wii Channels?

    Internet and Nintendo channels, the rest just rot in my wii because I'm too lazy to delete them.
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    Do you still plan to Catch Em All?

    If only the event dates were perfect for my schedule, the Pokedex on my Diamond would have been complete... The only Pokemon I catch are the Pokemon that I want to use.
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    What was the very 1st Pokemon that you've known?

    Pikachu on the day I've watched my very first episode of the Anime.
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    What Was Your Favorite Pokemon From G/S/C

    Remoraid (s/p) ^.^ . It is very unique being a handgun like pokemon .
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    your first shiny!! <_<

    I never ran into/found a shiny pokemon except for the Shiny Garados (s/p) . The rest I got from trades .
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    So is there any site's of you'rs I can join? Also im back to Serebii =P

    So is there any site's of you'rs I can join? Also im back to Serebii =P
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    Which Eighth Gym Leader...

    Clair , She always destroyed me because of all the pokemon in my team ._. . Other Gym leaders were really easy IMO Since my team had the advantage.Plus I found it annoying with all her dragonair's >.<
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    The Official DPPt Recent Happenings Thread (Remade ~ READ THE FIRST POST OR ELSE)

    I Hatched about 47 Baulbasaur egg's today to atempt at hatching a alt. one.After the hatching I imported my pokemon from Emerald onto plat and transfered 2 of them to heart gold.I trained my charmander to lvl 19 atempting to finish my national dex ,like I idd in Diamond.By the end of my playtime...
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    Think im done with TCG but, I may not

    As title say's I'm currently stuck between if I should continue buying cards.My local league closed down in December without a notice and all the other leagues in the city are set rules,pay,tournament style,etc.It was the only reason I bought cards so I can actual have fun with the cards.Now its...
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    How you lost a game cartridge/handheld/console

    pmd rrt:I dunno what happend to it it was my favorite md Dx.Probobly the Family of hoodlums took it :/ it was gone the day someone opened the car door.... My ds #1 left it in the car for like a month and it fried the battery. My ds#1 with a new battery Died out for no reason and i never...
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    Because of this I cant make anymore videos

    Im a video maker and I put these videos on youtube but for some reason when i publish the dang video it will only show about 1/4 of the video and the rest is a black screen!.How am i supposed to fix this?.Is it windows movie maker causing the problem?
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    First game you ever played on a Nintendo console

    I think it was smkart or super mario allstars which I think we got a snes with one of the 2 games.Its kinda hard because that was 12 years ago ;)
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    um do you have a new site because I still remember the league thingy :)

    um do you have a new site because I still remember the league thingy :)