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  • Ah good :). Yeah they're Showcases. They're interesting but it seems like I'm the only person here that likes them it seems...
    I like Iris alot though she's my least favorite female lead along with Bonnie or May (meaning I can't decide who I like the least since they're all good xD)
    I've been great :D
    You like Serena? She really took of with her character development especially when she cut her hair :3
    Oh you dont have to worry about that mate, i think Iris and Cilan already proved how writers got better since Johto days(and they aren't coordinators).
    And writers always dud better job with shorter sagas like Kanto, Orange or Hoenn showed, and after so much time you can bet they would plan out arc through which we could see sequel to Misty story being done.

    As for May joining for filler arc , i doubt Rs remakes are going to happen after Unova league considering how Nintendo and Gamefreak only released sequel to BW games, with writers having only this to work with before new games come out. Not to mention since there are no contests in anime anymore, it would be hard to plan out sustainable enough arc which would support May long stay.

    Until RS remakes get made, May probably wont return.
    But when talking about BW filler arc after Unova league, Misty would be suitable candidate to travel with cast for awhile, not only because of marketing value playing important role as participant of world tournament, but also because by entering such tournaments would help a lot to advance her water master goal and become strongest water trainer in world. Not to mention since pokemon from Unova isn't possible to obtain in other regions, is one more reason to support her journey over there.

    p.s. And yes your right, Misty deserves more. Her story has loose ends, she could use more development and even after 11 years people still want her back, being very, very popular.

    I think it would be cool if she followed Wallace footsteps one day, going on quest to learn things she cant at gym becoming stronger, and become one day E4 of water types(or her idol Lorelei apprentice). That is if sisters become responsible allowing her to leave freely, being main reason behind stay.
    Hi mate, been awhile. Whats up?

    I like your post in Misty club, i imagine Misty definitely grew stronger since last time and World Cup is perfect opportunity to bring her back because she could learn new thigs and advance her goal of becoming water master. For some weird reason, most people don't remember that this is her goal, she never gave up from it being known reasons behind taking over gym.

    But anyway, i hope we see some new pokemon, and maybe Kingdra(that would be great). Its wishful thinking, but i think if any saga was suitable for Misty return to cast this would be one of them because in that case with surprise return she wouldn't only bring unexpected twist to current series, but would also gain bigger marketing value to play in filler arc as well.

    Misty always wanted to become something more than gym leader, so leaving position to advance skills as trainer and become stronger like Wallace and other gym leaders which go on journey to learn new things would make lot of sense. And world tournament is perfect ticket to warrant her return. Given how with traveling for awhile and entering tournament host by Cynthia(i imagine after Junior, there might be Senior, Champion etc Cup) would actually bring her closer toward water master goal, helping her greatly in future career. Not to mention that way we could have for first time two girls in cast at same time, bringing something new and unseen before.

    It probably wont happen, but in your opinion would it be good if Misty returned for whole season? You already know my answer. :p
    Agreed,and i dont care what other say.I find she was already fairly skilled and strong back in day being recognized as such by several trainers(like Trinity,Dorian,Koga etc)not being som lowclass beginner with pokemon being quite unique she used.
    What should happen is having Misty return for some tournament and participate in battle.Perhaps than people would get better picture if and how much she improved.
    Also i have strange feeling how im in reality only one left on serebii who wants hr back to cast,finding she deserves better than being left to rot forgotten with all that potential ending up unused.Which is sadly what happened to her and some other characters.
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