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  • Looking back Misty team was quit good.She had Gyarados,dual type Corsola which was half rock with defensive moves(like recover and mirror coat) and spike cannon making it worthy opponent,Staryu(which proved itself during several battles,duel vs Molly being his best moment)and Poliwhirl(later Politoad)was probably her most used pokemo being among most trained ones.Anyone who thinks how she would be beaten by everyone(including Tracey with over-aged Scyther,unexperienced Venonat and half decent Marill for god knows what reason),is fooling himself.Characteristic of one type trainers is to overcome weakness their type has adjusting strategy and tactic when facing pokemon which may have type advantage.And water is one of most diverse types with several Misty pokemon.

    Frankly except may,i dong see anyone else having better team than Misty had.Dawn pokemon are mostly cute unevolved plushies with only Mamoswine being in reality powerhouse,Clan and Iris while decent are nothing to write home about and Brock could have been if he actually trained and battled(but he didnt with evolved forms not being enough without good training).

    Speaking of Misty she obviously advance as trainer with hr cameo appearance proving she developed,and while on show she improved as well with her skills in Johto being better than it was case in Kanto.Coming top 8 in prestige tournament,winning Princess tournament,being recognized by several trainers,winning Seaking contest etc were only testament to her talent as trainer being nothing to scoof at.

    But as always people tend to ignore achievements using double standards.
    Hi mate,hope you had great holidays and Happy New Year!

    p.s.I knew Misty wont be viewed as one of candidates in that thread about pokemon teams(and realistically she isnt),but when people even find Tracey having better team than she does it starts to get ridiculous.Now i know they arent objective,lol.Being one type trainer=/=weak(E4 use only one type).It actually makes her unique in that aspect.
    I also have hard time digesting that Brock is viewed as one of top candidates,for what?He almost never battles,never trains etc with his quick lose vs inspector Joy being indication of his skills getting rusty due to passivity.
    Your right i definitely never watched it,though if i find time ill might give it a shot.Thanks for answering ,i appreciate it.
    Good to hear,as for me im doing good more or less.Little tired but aside from that all in all everything is ok.

    You know what is starting to become annoying?Peoples comparisons between Misty and Brock and Iris and Cilan.Some actually view them as their clones lol,(way to blow things out of proportion).
    I see,glad that wsnt the case and i wish you all the best with your test.

    Speaking of Misty,true sadly things will probably remain that way which is sad thing leaving her character to rot forever there never giving her closure or progressing her storyline.She deserved better than that.

    People who say that obviously dont know what theyre talking about.While its true that other gym leaders dont have inompetent siblings because of which they are more free to leave gym,if writers choosed to have Misty back gym would never represent a problem no matter for how ng she would be gone just like it didnt when she came in Hoenn.If necessary they could even make one of her lder sisters more responsible or introduce some unow relative finding substitute so that she could be free to leave gym.

    Speaking of games,i also noticed in Gold,Silver when you beat Misty how she plans to leave gym to travell and meet stronger trainers.
    Hi i just want to apologize if i was annoying or anything with my last message.Sometimes i can get carried away with all this babbling,not even realizing it lol.
    Judging by chronicles they left situation unlear with how Misty feels about gym aswell.While she showed happiness that was more because of liking to be with her pokemon feeling content of proving her sisters how she managed to save gym taking good care of it.However she also showed displeasure implying desire of wanting to leave gym to travell.We can see that in some episodes like "A Date With Delcatty"when she complains about having to do everything by herself at gym with sisters never helping sadly stating at end of episode("my sisters are of no use,so ill have to stay here).In reality she stayed there more because of sisters incompetence (not having anyone to rely on)than anything else.
    Sadly things will probably stay that way with writers leaving her character with lot of unused potential never giving closure to her story.

    About your question yeah i watched BW series and so far im liking them with both Iris and Dento being good characters,aswell liking that Team Rocket became more competent shapin up to have some important role now that Giovanni returned.Only downpoints to me are Bw series being in a way like rehash of Kanto with 2 gym leaders joining group and Ash doing some naive mistakes which he hasnt done for a long time,but aside from that all in all its ok.
    I see,thanks for advice.

    When it comes to Misty and water pokemon master dream in reality she is still far from it with gym at best serving as partial "stepping stone"considering how becoming water master requires becoming strong at least like E4 are(possibly even higher)being one of reasons she left gym to travell in first place.Considering how none of gym leaders ever became that strong unless he left this place to travell and learn more its obvious why she will never achieve this goal at gym with travelling to learn more being required.Not to mention during Whirl Cup it was clearly showed how there exist tasks someone needs to win in order to becom water master,with prpof.Elm explaining connection between whole tournament and goal of becoming master of water types.
    Its obvious how gym doesnt have much to do with this requiring leaving gy for some period to learn more and improve your skills,with Mistys dream being more similar to Ashs goal of trying to become pokemon master.

    However by becoming E4 true she would if not achieve come very close toward her ultimate dream becoming one of best trainers in world.Considering how some E4 like LOrelai or Lance are labelled as ice and dragon masters speaks alot aswell.

    Speaking of Misty amd gym,writers just used gym as excuse to keep her out of show replacing her in abrupt and rushed way with specials after departure while showing Misty overcoming her fear from giant blue snake and getting gym back on right track didnt progressed plots of her story further much at all.
    To be honest most vocal one about it was Cyber.As usual he likes to flamebait starting to claim ridiculous things like "this were Brock and Dawns last appearance because they got full closure"with some peple starting to believe him.You should see him at end of AG lol,he cried like baby when May was leaving acting like its blasphemy or something because they are ditcing her in half of her development.
    They fail to understand how closure means when all plots in characters story are being closed down with there not being anything left to develop them further unless new subplots are being created.That is far from true with Brock and Dawn who got open ended departure having open things.
    Same goes fior May,and with Misty well isnt it obvious?
    For most part she never got any closure in her story, never being used to full potential.

    Oh you lucky lol,i tried to get this movies on Dvd for whole "eternity" still not being able to collect them.
    Yeah new specials like i said would be a hit.I always wanted to see May rivals agin and in what region she went after Johto and Grand Festival ,it would be nice to get some update from Misty and pokemon at gym maybe even going outside to catch new pokemon and learn more as water trainer doing something about her dream of becoming best with water types(some fans speculate how she could go to another Whirl Cup trying to win it going all way through),and it would be great having Paul getting some special aswell to see where hes heading and rematch vs Brandon could be posibillity too.
    Oh yea i definitely heard about Dawn and Brock specials and got a chance to watch them.Both spoecials were pretty good,but i will be honest in here.I liked Brocks special way more enjoying in that Pia inspector Joy and battle between Rhyperior and Latias.At this point its unown if they will make new specials but if writers decide to do more of them Misty and other older characters definitely has chance to get something.
    First chronicles were liked alot among fans and having another set now that they have even more chaacters to work with could be a hit.Potential is definitely there,bringing to us opportunity like what happened with May and Johto GF,how are things with Misty at gym(if shes even there) and have her developed more amnd stiry which never go closure like her goal which is going nowhere at this point,show whats happning with Max etc.
    Sorry for late reply,been quite busy lately.Yeah i know i cant believe either its been so long last time we talked.Glad to see everything goes well for you,with me not much going around except i got new job working currently at some store.Cant complaion because its better than orevious one with everyoine being warm and nice.

    Talking about Cyber and his May fanboyism he seems to live in somesort of world being convinced how May was "best character ever",Now personally i liked May,she was good character but boy he really tends to exaggerate about her.Ever sice DAwn rewplaced her he tended to bash her in subtle manner aswell(just like he des with Misty quite reguraly)cauising great annoyance among fans.If we go by complaints and petitions than someone coul tell that Misty is more popular but realistically her fanbase is probably only more vocal being dissapointed the most(cant blame them considering how shes being treated not being given justice).
    Of course aside from few deluionals everyone knows how all three girls have their good points being well liked among fans.Iris currently is less popular due to just being recently introduced but she will come close to their popularity too,i have no doubts about that.

    Johto as saga had its flaws but problem is that people often concentrate only on bad sides overlooking all good things which were present during that era of series.
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