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  • Hi mate,been a long time last time i heard from you,Hope your doing well.Hows life?

    On a side note,can you atually believe some people are so delusional that they think how May was treated like "godess" being more popular than Misty?Cyber is seriously living in denial if he thinks that,and Johto didnt received half of hate he is trying to spread around here.Sure some people complained about supporting characters not getting enough focus,but in terms of persinality everyone were more or less fine.I remember watching it and aside from being less agressive you can clearly tell that other parts of Misty personality were showed instead more not being just one-dimensional character.Her screentime was another story though.
    Haha lol,yeah we work great as team.I just dont stand Cyber claims full of delusion and hipocricy.
    He is constantly contradicting himself.First he claims how characters can be too old to appear,just to be proved wrong through other older characters coming back which he conveniently ignores not understanding how they are much less important than Misty,May or any girl is.You can say someone is losing debate when he resorts to trying to justify Jessibelles appearance of being similar to Jessie as her "design being used" lol.

    LOl,i just wondered something.Has i ever agreed with Cyber over anything???

    Its nice to see there are people who still like Misty,aside from me defending her because in these days she needs all defend she can get because of you know already what reasons.

    p.s.By reading through messsages on your profile my suspects really have been confirmed.He really does think writers favor someone over others,hating Johto?Thats just sad.
    If Johto was handled a lot better and Ash became experienced there like he was in AG/DP, and his Johto team evolved, I wouldn't have minded that being the ending.

    But since Johto was handled so lackluster, I was happy to see that wasn't the final saga for him. It wouldn't have been proper closure in my opinion.

    By the time AG was ending, since Brandon was the end and there was no league, it was obvious that couldn't be the end, as Ash wouldn't end without winning a league.

    DP should have been it though. Now it feels like Ash is kept to the point of absurdity.
    I just think the show itself should have been wrapped up with DP. If Ash actually won the league and went on to challenge the E4, it would have been a great ending.

    Tie up some other loose ends like Ho-oh and Ash disbanding Giovanni/TR, and you could have had DP properly wrap up the show.
    I actually watched every Johto ep because back then, I thought the show was going to end after the Johto league so I wanted to watch every single episode, even though I hated most of the fillers back then. I remember there being a lot of rumors Ash would win the Johto league, and back then we didn't think the show would go on forever...lol.

    For AG, it was the same. It was the first big change of the show and all the new stuff that was happening was surprising. I was shocked Ash didn't get all the starters, that May and Contests were introduced, Ash/Brock had new clothes, and Ash was evolving his Pokemon, so I thought everything was a big deal.

    By the time DP started we knew the usual routine, although again, new characters like Paul and Pokehunter J is really what kept me watching. I was kinda disappointed with Ash's DP team at first, but it got much better as DP progressed.

    The problem with BW is we've seen so many sagas now, its hard to get excited for yet another one. Not to mention excessive new characters coming in, its hard to get attached to characters you know are just going to leave. Its probably the reason I didn't focus on Dawn as much as with May, simply because I knew Dawn would leave.
    I've actually watched every single DP episode, lol.

    Of course I've also seen every AG ep and all the old Kanto/Orange and Johto eps.

    I'm probably one of the few people who has seen every episode from every saga at least once. Of course its been YEARS since I've rewatched some eps, but I can at least say I've seen them once.
    Since I don't care for Brock anymore and Ash's personality is really dull, it seems the only reason to watch is Ash's team, whatever new rivals there are, and the new girl.

    That's it really. Sad, as I used to enjoy the anime for everything, not just select things like now.
    You think you're old? A lot of the older fans who followed the anime are now 22-25. Seriously, you're not old at all.

    That's the problem, the older fanbase has aged so much over the 13 years that the fandom is now disjointed between younger and older fans.
    It really does seem like BW is the most "fresh start."

    Ash and TR are the only returning characters, everyone else is gone...even Joy and Jenny! LOL!

    Its for this reason I don't believe Gary will appear in BW. Or any older characters sans an inevitable Dawn cameo.

    The writers really are separating BW from the older arcs, with a huge clean slate.

    Hopefully we can finally get rid of Ash and TR too next arc and give the show a damn ending already.
    Its just the simple fact that almost everything I've been saying was right. The writers themselves are bias toward certain characters and Pokemon.

    Anyway, did you see the redesigned Joy/Jenny? Hilarious, even Joy/Jenny are getting removed from the show! I wonder if its because Brock is finally gone.
    I am now utterly convinced the writers have a bias against the Johto region.

    Why do you think AG characters/Pokemon are constantly glorified? There's no need to promote Hoenn this gen, yet we saw:

    - May return for 4 full episodes

    - Wallace appear

    - Brandon the Pyramid King

    - Sceptile, Torkoal in the league, and possibly Glalie, with Corphish getting DP182.

    - Cameos of Max/Drew/Harley/Solidad

    And you know what's funny? Next gen with possible R/S remakes, I expect even more glorification for Ash's Hoenn Pokemon.

    The writers clearly love and prefer everything from AG over Johto. EVERYTHING.
    Wow. So it seems like:

    1. Bayleef gets no battle.

    2. Totodile gets no battle.

    3. Quilava gets a 30 second fight.

    4. No return to Johto.

    5. No Misty appearance.

    Wow, its like everything from that old Johto saga still has a stigma in the anime.
    At the start it was always a given May was going to re-appear for two reasons:

    1. She and Dawn were coordinators. Everyone knew May would battle Dawn in a Contest someday.

    2. May had Eevee, which suspiciously had two new evo's in DP.

    What I originally believed though is that May would first re-appear in a new set of specials about her in Johto, and then maybe in the tail-end of DP she would appear and battle Dawn in a Contest. Though since the specials didn't happen I can see why she appeared earlier on.

    Gary was obviously confirmed when AG ended.

    I thought Misty would go either way. When DP started she had only been gone for 1 year since her last appearance at the end of the Hoenn league, but now towards the end it has been 5 years, so she became too old.
    Max should have gotten a reappearance, but there was no logical way. He wasn't going to show up with May, and since Ash isn't spending much time at Pallet, he won't appear there either.

    Tracey actually has more than 10 appearances after he left, but that's because of how many specials he was in.
    Yeah, he's bothering me about Misty too. Negative attention or not I honestly think that Cyber gives more attention to Misty than all of us Misty fans on here put together, lol. We always get a bad rap for being "delusional, hardcore, "BRING BACK!"" Misty fans, but notice that NONE OF US even bring up Misty at all until Cyber mentions her. In fact, I've noticed that NO ONE brings up Misty period - fans & haters alike, ONLY Cyber brings her up & creates threads about her.

    It's really weird! I mean I hate Dawn but you don't see me creating multiple flame-baiting threads about her, or bringing her up every chance I get. Seems like a waste of time to devote that much attention to a character that you dislike over the character(s) that you love. I think that he's a closet Misty-fan but at the same time he also gets his kicks out of flame-baiting the Misty fans who crack too easily (Champion Jared for example).
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