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Last Activity:
Dec 3, 2013
Apr 11, 2007
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Bluntasaur was last seen:
Dec 3, 2013
    1. MarshtompMan
      What happened to your Fan-Fic?
    2. Shadow Lucario
      Shadow Lucario
      Hey Bluntasaur! Remember me from like 2 years ago? I'm one of your fic's original readers. I don't know if you saw the PM I sent you but if you could respond it would help a lot.

      Until next time, this is Shadow Lucario signing off
    3. Matori
      Hi Blunt!

      Guess who friended you?
    4. Yami Ryu
      Yami Ryu
      I guess I should be as .. kind.. as possible here. Buttering me up won't really get me to review you- or anyone else really. And requesting a review from me isn't how you get one from, well me. I don't take requests. I either read something, or I don't, for my own reasons. If I was willing to take requests, I'd have posted in the reviewer request thread.

      And if you want the reason why I'm not interested, nor have reviewed or read before you requested; it's just flat out not my kind of story.
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    Welcome to the world-renowned trainer's school, where today's dreams become tomorrow's legends. Think you have what it takes to make the grade? Click on the banner and enroll today!

    I have a PM list to inform readers of new chapters! PM me for info!