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  • I'm doing pretty great myself. School just started back up, so there's that . . . but overall, still good.
    I don't know what to expect from that episode. There is at least a year left in next gen. Can we expect Iris to beat Drayden so early?
    Btw, you said something about Iris getting the Legend badge in here. I said the same thing last week and I think it might happen.
    Oshawott is Oshawott. It might never evolve and if that is the case then other Pokemon should evolve before it.
    It looks like we are getting a bunch of interesting episodes now. Which one do you thing would be the best? Personally I am interested in this Snivy episode. It might come out as a filler but if things went right then maybe the episode is packing an evolution in there.
    Sorry for the delay I was mowing the lawn I want to know can you look and see if that celebi is flawless if so it may be hacked, if its possible can you check its full IV spread thanks
    Hi u see you have a 10aniv celebi I have a legit modest keldeo I obtained myself at game stop on the starting day of the event I would like to know all the info on your celebi including nature and characteristic, EV's if any, lv and OT name and ID no., and also if you obtained OT yourself please VM me back when you see this and can let me know more info on the celebi
    As a result of inactivity between January 15 and the time of this message, your claim on Reshiram on Claim A Pokemon 5.0 has been dropped.
    Aww...and then you have great fun with your Leaving Cert.
    I have all my summer tests next week and I haven't started studying >.<
    Yeah,as usual.Out of all my friends and SPPF friends I'm the youngest.But out of my friends I'm the tallest.;)
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