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  • So, you approve:
    Psychic and Focus Blast
    Will-o-Wisp will damage the foes, but I prefer to make them sleep and damage with other moves
    Wish is a nice idea, but how am I gonna boost it up?
    Thats why I wanna Charge Beam, that damages and boosts up

    I liked it a lot, cuz I have other that are defensives, and it´s meant to defeat the others quickly
    (Hypnosis+Charge Beam (boost)+Strong Move)
    And just if I can, I baton pass Scizor Speed to it
    Thats why I shall really train Scizor Defense things and use rightly Roost
    Nice one
    So, you breed other from this one to try to inherit its IVs

    But what do you think of mine?
    I was really happy with my idea to survive some hits and be ready for its weakness,
    but u said it´s not good
    I am still trying to convinve u it´ll be great
    Yup, I know I should not just be supported into Scizor
    But I dont think I´d like to have something just to boost my Gardevoir
    If I use ur way, it´ll be missing something
    Psychic to STAB, Focus Blast for Dark, and Charge Beam to boost and damage as well

    And if I use Calm Mind, it wont make sense, since I need more DEF than SP.DEF, cuz of its weaknesses
    And if there´s a Special Sweeper, its high SDE by itself can take some damages, until I have defeated him

    I´ll cry
    I find a Ralts with these 28 HP / 30 DEF / 30 SAT / 30 SDE / 30 SPD
    But it´s Lonely, so this lack of the 10% of Nature will not be worth the IVs
    I just dont feel up to do this one

    After I´ve thought of its strategy, I dont think I´d like to change
    This one is just great cuz of Calm Mind?
    That is sure it´ll build up its SAT and SDE?
    I think mine´s good as well, I will build up SAT while damaging
    I can spread the DEF and SDE differently, like not 252 to one, but half or more to DEF
    And Spd is not needed, cuz I´ll Baton Pass it within Scizor
    So, I shall do this
    6 HP/252 SAT/188 DEF/64 DEF
    So, the DEF and SDE ones will be like 3/4 and 1/4 of the one I´d put

    I think it depends on my team as well, and I´ll Baton Pass Spd, and I´ll have kinda Tank with Kingdra, and this is meant to be offensive
    I´m not saying that ur idea is not good, but I think I just changed depending on my team
    Ok, see u´re off
    I have to get as well

    Just passing here to tell you I was not putting u in a rush last post
    I was gonna go out, so just asked 4 u 2 asnwer wuickly
    (It´s cuz it seemed kinda violent :p)

    But I still wanna ur opinion about the Gardevoir, ok?
    Do u think it´s really good?
    Mine will be like that:
    - Hypnosis
    - Focus Blast
    - Psychic
    - Charge Beam

    Hypnosis to doesnt let the foe attack, so Charge Beam to possibly build up and to damage,
    this turn should work while the foe is switchng the poké
    If it switches use Psychic, or if it´s a Dark one, use Focus Blast
    If it doesnt switch, use Charge Beam or Psychic

    I think it should have one of its Defense high, cuz it shall survive to get the Charge Beam working
    And as its Weakness use mores Attack than Sp.Att, I thought it´d be nice to build up its Defense, while the Sp.Def as its minimum shall get some moves

    It is Modest, as u said
    It item will be Zoom Lens to improve the accuracy of Hypnosis and Focus Blast
    I was thinking of EVS like that:
    6 HP/252 Def/252 SAT

    What do you think?
    Plz answer quickly, gotta sleep
    Didnt understand
    Is it 4 me to EV spread at SDE or DEF?
    I´m a little bit confused

    I think it´d be good with great DEF, and its SDE without EV is already good

    What do yu think?
    I didnt got it exactly
    I havent started training
    Still looking 4

    So, is it for me to EV at Def? Instead of Sp.Def?
    Ok, I was in doubt cuz its Def isnt all that high, but as its weakness priority, I´ll do this
    Hey, man
    I remembered u said the EV to Gardevoir should be 252 SAT/252 SDE/6 HP
    But, I was checking its weakness: Ghost, Dark and Bug
    The damage moves of these are: (counting the number of physicals and specials)
    Physical: 13
    Special: 1

    Physical: 9
    Special: 3

    Physical: 6
    Special: 3

    So, it needs more defense than sp.defense.
    So what should I do?
    I went there and there´s nothing I can do right now to get on with the types it is required
    And the Thunder Admin is the creator of the clan, so, I wont be able to get at this Admin place

    If it wasnt the type stuff...
    Yup, I saw there
    I´m more up 4 the one that has Dragon, Psychic, Dark, cuz it more up for the ones I´m training
    (But my Scizor will be out ¬¬)

    My best pokés out of the EV training are Sceptile and Empoleon, that doesnt fix exactly where I wanna
    I´ll check ther with my pokés here
    But I dont have even 6 pokémon of different types
    Just wonder 9 of one type (or specific types)

    I wanted so much to go on this, but I dont have these pokés
    And isnt the prize list urs?
    Can u get on?
    I am seeing the clan
    Do u think it´s nice 4 us to go on

    Well, is it for me to be an admin?
    But I have not my team completed
    I´ll read everything there
    I prefer Gardevoir
    I always lvoed it since RSE

    It´ll be a nice one, with my Scizor Agility
    What is the minimun HP IV u think it´s good?

    Well, the differnece with us, is that you just do three and take the best
    I do 20, to breed more 20 to breed more and so, take the best

    Gotta go out
    Til later
    I´ll maybe get on late, like 11PM
    4 u, 10PM
    U have posted what u were supposed to send to me here

    Yup, I do this all the time

    So, is the Ralts good?
    Just the HP is bad, isn´t it?
    I´ll go out in 5 minutes

    Wow!! 3 30 AM?
    It should have been nice

    I´m breeding a Ralts with a Ralts
    The female has good IV at hP, and is Modest (Everstone being held)
    The male has good IVs at SAT and SDE,
    my hopes are that they inerit these things
    I´ll keep up at it
    Wish me good luck

    I´m trading right now a Shiny Absol
    But, unfortunately, it´s not good natured
    So, my team´s wont be shiny

    How was the party?
    I got a Ralts with 9 at HP IV and 30 at SAT and 28 at SDE
    Do u think its good or should I try another?
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