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Recent content by bme™

  1. bme™

    Your first Gen 1/2 Eeveelutions?

    My first I recall was Vaporeon, and in Gen 2 it was Espeon.
  2. bme™

    The Faults of GenII

    One of the main faults of Gen II is most of the time it feels very easy. Sure Whitney can be difficult for first timers, but otherwise none of the other NPCs offer much challenge (excluding Blue and Red). It felt like most trainers had slapped together teams with little variety. Speaking of...
  3. bme™

    What was your very first Pokémon game?

    Pokemon Yellow way back when it first came out!
  4. bme™

    Hey, long time no see. Feels weird being one of the last active people from the old days. How...

    Hey, long time no see. Feels weird being one of the last active people from the old days. How are things? Hopefully you're doing well. Hope to hear from you.
  5. bme™

    What Pokemon Teams did you have on your Gen 1 playthroughs? Any good memories?

    My first game was Yellow version back in '99, and this was my team when I beat the Elite 4: Pikachu ~Thunder, Thunderbolt, Lightscreen, Agility Nidoking ~Horn Drill, Fissure, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt Venusaur ~Razor Leaf, Mega Drain, Cut, Sleep Powder Blastoise ~Skull Bash, Strength, Surf...
  6. bme™

    The Faults of GenII

    The biggest fault for me was that only certain move types were physical or special based. This made Pokemon like Blissey too strong in some cases. This also hurt Pokemon like Arcanine who couldn't take advantage of its attack with its STAB.
  7. bme™

    The 1st & 2nd Generation Games Rules, FAQ and Help Thread

    Elekid might be your best bet. It's pretty fast, and you can teach it moves like Ice Punch to counter ground types.
  8. bme™

    Poll: Favourite Generation I Pokemon

    #1 is Pikachu. Yellow was my first time playing Pokémon, and I always kept Pikachu in my party. Then Stadium allowed you to teach it Surf. Then in Gen II if you traded it over from Yellow, it had a Light Ball attached, making it go from being somewhat useless to having a monster Special attack...
  9. bme™

    Which Will You Start With?

    I don't know if I'd buy this, but if I do, I'd go with all 3 since my first game was yellow version, and I'm nostalgic about it.
  10. bme™

    Worst Memories from GSC

    Definitely Whitney. At that point in the game my team wasn't very high level, and I didn't have a fighting type or anything resistant to Miltank's moves. Also, that Clefairy was annoying. It Metronome'd like Aero Blast and stuff. That Miltank though... It had such a well tailored moveset to beat...
  11. bme™

    Gen II Netbattle Teams!

    So I saw the actually competitive threads are pretty much dead, so I guess i'll post here! Anyway, anyone on here play netbattle in Gen II? It's not active like the newer generation games, but surprisingly there's a few of us oldschoolers around. Anyway, I'll post a team I use mostly. It's not...
  12. bme™

    Favorite RBY Town/City

    Fuschia City. I like the idea of being near the ocean. Also, my first game was Yellow, and I liked the surfing Pikachu game in the house. I could see my character being "retired" down by the shore, relaxing my days away watching the waves.
  13. bme™

    Oh My Gosh It's a Blast From the Past

    I remember you. I think you were in the chat sometimes too. Us old people coming back it seems.
  14. bme™

    Back from the dead

    Hello. I don't know if anyone from the old days is still around. Just thought i'd say hi. Sometimes i'm on Pokémon Showdown taking people to school with my GSC Pkmn Trainer Red theme team.(under the handle "itsbme") ;025;;196;;143;;003;;006;;009; Game on!
  15. bme™

    If moves learned in later gens were learned in this gen...

    How would the meta game be? Posted in rby as well. ;003; Swords Dance Sludge Bomb Earthquake Hidden Power Rock/Fire I would so use this dude. ;112; Rock Slide Earthquake Megahorn Swords Dance I dunno. Looks good on paper. ;094; Pain Split Substitute Ice Punch...