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  • Thank you, Pingouin7. I knew about the Multi-Quotes button, and had clicked it, but couldn't seem to get the quotes to show up. I'd tried "Advanced Posting" but alas. Now I feel kind of silly.

    As for Mander, I don't know if it has a Nickname or not. Besides, I kind of like the name "Mander." Anyway, thanks again.

    As a side note, your previous avatar (of Oak) always made me feel sad and like you were always pointing the bad side of things. Like everything you had to say should make everyone feel depressed. Just thought I'd share that with you.

    Finally, thanks some more.
    my affectionate nickname for my Japanese Charmander whose name I would not otherwise be able to pronounce.

    Charmander = Hitokage.

    Multi Quotes is simple. On each post that you would like to reply to, you click on the Multi-quote button (The button just besides the Quote button)
    Then once you're done, you press the Reply button on the top or the bottom of the page, then you can reply to all of these posts at once.
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