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Last Activity:
Jun 29, 2020
Nov 3, 2006
Likes Received:
November 6
From the land down under...
I go to uni and I teach kids how to kick other peo

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Winning Smile, from From the land down under...

Staff Member Super Mod
bobandbill was last seen:
Jun 29, 2020
    1. Alola Adventurer
      Alola Adventurer

      Agreed with your post, but at least the Schulz family is at the head of the helm (mostly) for the project,
      and there's a real reason to do the film.
      I think that's a pretty good way to honor the 65th anniversary.
    2. Alola Adventurer
      Alola Adventurer
    3. DarumakkaImposter
      Pretty well! I've been busy with schoolwork, and spring break is coming up! I've also just recently become a mod on Smogon. Looking back at my old posts on here, I'm really shocked I got this far. x.x But anyway! How are you?
    4. PerseusRad
      If I start being active again, who knows what'll happen?


    5. Ke$ha
    6. PerseusRad
      I just realized I have like, 3 former mods on my friends list.

      Let's hope you aren't next. @_@
    7. DarumakkaImposter
      Hi! :) Long time no see!
    8. PerseusRad
      I always surprise myself with how inactive I am....
    9. Auraninja
    10. Auraninja
      Happy White Day, apparently...
    11. Sohryu
      I am here to quite support what was said by Baé.

      That guy just joined and started to neg rep people on Artist's Corner saying the neg rep stuff was a soap opera or something. Look, this happened the same day when he joined and he's not a member there. It should be obvious why there's a suspicion here, plus there's proof it's him. We, from the Artist's Corner, have plenty of reasons to believe it's the same guy that have done that before, since "that other person" was on neg rep spree on the Artist's Corner, repping every other member. He did gave some advice through it though, and that sort of behavior, doing it to help, is perfectly acceptable, but what occur is, it discourage people from posting there.

      People can go and report the rep, sure, but you, me and almost everyone know this stuff doesn't and never worked, since you have plenty and plenty of people saying how they are neg repped recklessly and the "report" feature doesn't work. A guy had send me a VM saying I could report his neg rep because it was intended to be a positive rep. I talked with Ellie and the neg rep is still there, despite I had proof and had sent her the link to the VM.
      Plus hundred of MODs saying there's nothing that can be done to other users.
      Kaiserin also said she talked with a MOD/ADM once, twice and I believe there had a thrice and now may have a fourth time.
      There's not any way to put that person a "special" usergroup where he can't give rep anymore (and I think there is this feature, because I work on another forum as an ADM and we do this with problematic users, plus it's vBulletin, just like here)? It'd certainly deal with people abusing this feature.

      Not a rant though. I just felt to say it. Sorry for this rather long post, hehe!
    12. AnakBaé
      Yeh, I was kinda suspicious since the "new" person seems to know the stuff happening and throw reps around like its made up to throw reps as soon as he joined, which is unlikely. I know about being new and stuff, but everything that I just pointed out made my suspicion lean towards him being an alt more than a newbie. Thanks for the confirmation.
    13. Auraninja
      Hey B&B, can you go online, so I can get your third FS Pokemon?
    14. Raeli
      hey akanjao said i should talk to you befor i post. its me ^^
      can i start?
    15. Mew The Gato
      Mew The Gato
      I heard that you used to participate in ASB?
    16. EmeraldGoblin
      why u no asb anymore? D:
    17. Dramatic Melody
      Dramatic Melody
      Thanks! I can't wait to get it all over with :)) Likewise with your uni stuff too!
    18. Steelrush
      Thank you, although I will tell you something; it's harder than it seems.
    19. Steelrush
      My iPod's camera is no good at taking pics in the dark.

      Yes, that is my new computer. I put it together yesterday by myself, and it's one hell of an epic PC.
    20. Steelrush
      Know what that is?
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    November 6
    From the land down under...
    I go to uni and I teach kids how to kick other peo
    Favourite Pokémon:
    I am a very hungry person that has liked Pokemon from the age of GSC. I like writing too. And food.

    Eating, football (for you americans, SOCCER), karate and reading.


    A parody of the Pokemon Colosseum game, full of pastries and Miror B.
    Completed. Four times winner of Best Comedy/Funniest Fic.
    Avatar: minty-fivestar on DA, edited background/cropping. Fic banner: cieux.

    Pokémon news, opinions, creative works and more. Now live!

    Pokkén Tournament DX Review
    The Numbers Game: Shiny and Perfect Pokémon