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  • Yo bob, can you use the "Reporting the adbots that havn't yet posted thread to report multiple adbots? I found a lot.

    Interested in cabinets and golf products? Click here.
    Reporting the adbots that havn't yet posted!
    Good grammar. ;o

    Does the username teskaiken01 make any sense?
    Kinda weird that people with the french GL get the Mamoswine before the U.S. or all of europe eh?
    hey your a moderator .. could you tell me why my thread wasnt posted i followed all the rules on posting
    Alright, I got my mail changed. I'm running a full malware scan, so hopefully nothing else will be corrupted...Thanks for the help! ^_^

    (Still, might not know if that thing followed me to my new email. If you see any oddball posts by me and even I didn't catch them, can you give me a heads-up?)
    Thank god...

    Well, if there are any adbot-like posts from my account, you'll be aware of the source of the problem. I've put red text in my sig indicating that my other email was hacked, and it will remain that way for a couple hours, or until I remain sure that my account here is safe...
    Hey, it's pretty urgent. My primary email got hacked today, and I'm trying to minimize the damage to everthing that's tied to it.

    I already have a new email to switch my Serebii account over to. Will you be able to do that for me?
    Okay, so you're saying that in this case, like when posting fanfics, it's okay to double-post because it is done for the right reasons. Thanks for the help.

    I was finally able to get Miror B.'s battle theme on my MP3 player. :D But the quality is crap ;_;
    i think the staff should change the settings when you join to the puzzle thing Bulbagarden has
    The thread idea isn't working. I'm getting little to no cooperation from the mods. Editing my post with new bots has proven useless because nobody's paying attention to it after the initial 15 bots were banned, and I certainly can't double-post to add new bots because that's breaking SPPf rules.

    I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. Advice would be useful right now.
    After you put the death penalty on these sixteen bots, we'll be solely responsible for the euthanization of 100+ bots.
    Let's celebrate with cake. It's so delicious and moist.

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