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  • Medical Assistant in Tennessee :) I'm pretty excited. It's a cool place, and I've wanted to get out of Texas like my whole life lol.
    ya :( sorry i didn't tell you i was stepping down babs. i didn't want to tell anyone beforehand because i was afraid id end up changing my mind

    short version is that in addition to some stuff we've talked about awhile back i recently got offered a new job and im in the process of moving out of state, so i demodded myself quietly after telling the other admins
    Hey, how's it going?

    I hate to make you jealous, but I wanted to tell you that I am definitely getting my autographed Awkward Zombie poster framed.

    It is a poster with Samus on it, and it just seemed to be the best one. I'll have to take a picture and show it to you sometime.

    I'm glad someone else likes the humor. I was a big fan of both this series and "Brawl in the Family" when that was still around.

    I guess I just like a Smash Bros. extended universe, lol!
    Hey, dumb question: I'm trying to edit links into my fic's table of contents, but for the life of me it's not working. Do you need a minimum number of posts before you post links or something?
    honk honk

    Goin' good!

    Fun fact: if you look at my join date on Serebii, it's pretty much guaranteed that my posts-per-day average will stay close to 0.0.
    Travelling has some rather adverse effects on my digestive tract (and my wallet), so I tend to not do it often.

    Like the subscription price/frequency...
    French territory off the coast of Australia. Did you and your family enjoy it?

    You're going to have a lot to go through - especially since the event isn't over yet.
    As a bit of a follow-up, I maxed out all jobs for every character, have a sent attack exceeding 220,000 power, maxed out the moon, and my ship (which is white), and completed the story and beat the secret boss. I'd say my game is officially done. If you're curious, I named the ship Prism Sword.

    Now I can begin Story of Seasons, which if you didn't know, is what became of the old Harvest Moon series after the legal dispute which separated the series from its name.

    But that's just my activities. What have you been up to besides writing Pokemon guides on other websites?
    How have you been doing?

    I just started Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door and I'm finishing Zelda: Twilight Princess HD.

    Tomorrows my mom's birthday (being the 3rd of January). She will be *internal server error*.
    I desire to express my appreciation for your level 99 Waluigi Wahship. You're probably not playing your copy of Bravely Second at this point. However, you did a good for me, so thanks.
    How excited are you for the Pokemon Bank Update?

    I am because I really want to know how GIVC (Gen I Virtual Console) Pokemon work.
    ahahaha I don't even have the game :( I saw it was on sale for $40 at Target tho so I might pick it up. I was hesitant to buy it but a lot of the people I know who have played it enjoyed it despite some similarities between it and SS.
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