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  • I don't know about that. I went to high school with a guy of Mexican descent whose homecoming week tradition was running around wearing a Confederate flag as a cape. Actually, I do sort of wonder where he stands on race issues.

    Just the guilt, I think. He told me the red stuff was just juice.
    I like that guy, because then I look good in comparison. Also, when I made that joke, I was thinking that Viagra was the purple pill, but for some reason I forgot that it's blue. Er, that is... I never knew what color Viagra was until I looked it up just now! Yes, that's it.

    Actually, I have a cousin who until just recently was part of a long-term biochemistry project at a large university. His job as I understand it was to write the grant requests. Anyway, he was always washing his hands, and now I know why.
    If you're color blind, take both = purple pill. And that's when the fun begins!

    When I was studying biology, after I gave up on pharmacy (because working in glorified retail is dire), I thought doing ecological field work or something would be cool. Ultimately, I realized that I really had no interest in advancing the field or contributing to the greater good in any way. So you're a far better man than I. Come to think of it, wasn't Profesco studying something similar?
    It is serious. ONE IS RED. And ONE IS BLUE. I don't see how you can be so flippant when the colors are clearly different.

    So what's the plan on your end, then? IIRC, at one point you were studying biology.. but that was many years ago now.
    What's the difference? Is it more like blue pill vs red pill, or LSD vs no LSD?

    You might be onto something. I don't know about depression and going downhill, but I never graduated and haven't completed a semester in years, and things have become rather... same-y. Of course, at no point in my life did I ever envision myself working in an office or IT or whatever it is you do with a college degree, but money = happiness, and math doesn't lie. So it's a tricky equation to balance. I figure if I keep sitting here in my living room thinking about it, the odds will continually approach 1 that a meteor will come crashing down onto Earth and I won't have to worry about it anymore. Needless to say, neither would anybody in the midwest.
    So basically it's a massive conference call with Internet People? Splendid.

    School? You're still into the whole learning thing? Psh. I once read a book called All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. Except I didn't read it, because I couldn't read in kindergarten. Best deshisen i ever mad
    Does that mean that people can have images bigger than 500 pixels in their sigs or nah? And I have no idea what Discord is.

    Yes, but does the midwest explain opiods? Better yet, do opiods explain France? I still have no idea what they're all about.
    Obviously it's been two years, but dammit, my policy is to reply to visitor message notifications. Luckily, this forum hasn't upgraded in any meaningful capacity since 2008 (except for upping the number of infractable offenses to 41), so I still know where everything is!

    Anyway, I disclaim all responsibilities and/or liabilities for anything I may or may not have said in May 2015. That statute of limitations is LONG gone. Opiods may or may not have been involved.
    One of my coworkers is from Indiana, and he was home visiting family for the holidays. When he drove through Ohio, they stopped him on a random heroin sweep, because apparently so many people in Ohio are on opiates that they've just figured that the odds are good any random person will have some. I thought of you.
    [12/22/16 05:40:38] <+buttebot> at least youre no longer bukakke butt

    i think this is my favorite one
    I believe mine was during my Emo phase, so I most definitely don't.

    I have a good friend who has the same baby face thing as you. He recently got carded going into an R rated movie. He turns 27 next week.
    At least you could have gotten out of Ohio. Unless you want to be in Ohio, in which case, sorry for hating on the Rust Belt. But a Masters in a science gives you more career opportunity.

    Also: I love it that you're still using the South Park Studios avatar I made for you all those years ago.
    I'm aware. I can see the appeal, but tbh I'm attached to Mass at this point. Especially after the election; being in the People's Republic of Massachusetts will be helpful.
    Today, 7:52 PM
    bobjr replied to a thread U.S. 2014/2016 Election Thread in Debate Forum
    White Nationalism is the answer.

    Oh well in that case, power through. If it's not a total mismatch with what you actually want, one class isn't a huge deal in the long run.

    Also, I remember Mia hated grad school too. It must be a thing.
    Ok, that would convince me to turn out. Molly (who you certainly remember) works at the zoo here in Boston and keeps me updated on the baby animals, but alas, no squeaky cheetah cubs (also that's impressive; cheetahs don't breed well in captivity at all.)
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