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  • I did, but I have to take a break from Serebii for a while because a few things came up. I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Sorry! ^ ^;
    No, I wasn't completely aware of such a forum. Well, I had suspicions that such a forum existed, but I don't really know where it is (and Jx never invited me, so I felt like it wasn't my place to go looking).
    Pfft, quietly? XD She leaves the room, and they all just call her that casually.

    Also! Things that also need to appear: something to the tune of the Major General Song.
    Yes. Yes, we should. XD Like, everyone (except Bill and maybe Ellen) calls her Princess Emopants behind her back.

    Keep in mind that Jax wrote those pickup lines and suggested what the voices were meant to be like. You also missed out on Hope, Bill and John singing Silent Night. XD
    True, but it's one thing to suggest how a voice should sound and another to actually be able to get your voice to sound that way.

    And your Bill, John, and Tate really were quite amazing. Especially Bill. (I'm still a little iffy on Thom, but he didn't get a terribly big voice line so...)

    D-: I want to hear singing...I want to hear this magnificent singing voice of yours that Jx mentions.
    Haha, yes to Princess Emopants. XD I'm thinking of making that her nickname outside of the fic, just because I can't think of any scene where that doesn't fit her.

    Also, probably (about Hope). That's one of the plot points I revealed earlier in the first version, so that makes sense.

    And high five. XD I also accept shortie reviews on the thread, jsyk. ;D
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