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  • Well, arigato gozimasu is like saying "thank you". Domo arigato is "thank you very much". Arigato is like "thanks". Domo arigato gozaimasu is like saying "thank you very very much".

    For certain words, Japanese has a plain form, then a polite form, and sometimes even more polite forms. You don't learn that until later though. Good luck with studying Japanese :)
    That's cool! I had thoughts on learning from Rosetta Stone, but I have so little patience with it. I feel like I learn more in the classroom because of interaction. My weakness is conjugating =_=. Japananese has so many ways to conjugate adjectives based off politeness level.
    Hello! You sound like you're interesting in learning Japanese. Are you taking Japanese classes? Or are you learning on your own? I took Japanese for 1 semester in college, but I had to stop because I had to focus on my major.
    hey bro, you might get in trouble for your sig. your image is too big. in your image tags, put 200 in it, like this [IMG200.][/IMG200.] but without the dots.
    surf and fly have to be removed from yellow forest pikachu before being transferred
    no you cant breed a male dw starter with a regular female and get it's dw ability. you have to have a female with the ability to breed. since there all female dw starters are hacks you can't have offspring with their ability
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