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Bolt the Cat
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  • Hey. I have a lot you’re looking for and vice versa:
    I HAVE:
    HA Galarian Darumaka/Darmanitan
    Lotad Larvitar Grookey Sobble
    Spritzee Lunatone
    Croagunk Sableye
    I NEED:
    GMax Kingler GMax Grimmsnarl (GMax Milcery)
    Hey, I remember you mentioned about wanting Spyro Reignited for Switch. If you’ve gotten it already, I was wondering how the quality is, more specifically portable mode? I’ve been seeing some say that it runs very poorly with certain graphics looking weird, while for others it seems fine overall. I did play the PS4 version, but I’m thinking about whether to get it again for Switch later on or not.
    Bolt the Cat
    Bolt the Cat
    I haven't tried it in portable mode, I primarily play docked. I will say that I've noticed multiple frame rate issues on occasion, but beyond that it seems to be just fine.
    Hmm, ok. I suppose the complaints I read about it were only from a few number of people, so those may just be individual console issues.
    Gotta say, it’s quite a feat that you’ve managed to maintain a cycle of over 2 years? constantly giving criticisms of the franchise and having users respond at you bitterly for them, while not seeming bothered by either of them. I don’t know how you do it. I personally would’ve gotten sick of it all ages ago.
    Bolt the Cat
    Bolt the Cat
    I don't really care much what other people here think of me, they're just randos on the internet. If they get bitter over my views, that's their problem.

    Like I said in the thread though, I've been giving Game Freak chances to turn things around and thinking maybe the next game they'll finally learn their lesson, but they haven't and I'm done. If this game doesn't turn out good, I'm leaving.
    Hey Bolt, thought I’d post here since we have shared similar opinions. In seeing your comments about the new games, I can also see that changes compared to the previous ones don’t seem very impressive so far. Just wondering, is your decision to continue the series based mainly on having freedom of a more open-world style? We mentioned other issues before, but if you had a specific deciding factor, would that be it?
    Bolt the Cat
    Bolt the Cat
    Yes, exactly. I'm sick of being forced through cramped, linear routes from start to finish. I want to explore and wander throughout the region however I want.
    It would be a perfect gameplay style for Pokémon. Game Freak is still cautious in going all out, as usual. I’d like to think eventually they will make the world become more and more open, but may not be until at least Gen 9.
    Which one would you prefer, gradual additions of new types per every two-four generations, introduction of triple type species, or actual dual-type moves with dual STAB?
    How do you think they'll handle sub-legendaries for later even generations, then? Do you think we will see a return to status quo with roamers and other conventional trios/quartets, or do you think we see more artificial species like Silvally?
    That can only work if you have the DLC pack in the second year as the third version. So for example, you would have:

    -Regular Sun and Moon.: Year 1
    -Sun and Moon Expansion Pack: Year 2.
    -Some other game: Year 3
    -Next Gen: Year 4

    or the DLC pack would be for the secondary game. Not having another set of games would not be profitable, and you would have more frequent DLC expansions like in Final Fantasy. So for example, USUM would have to be divided into two to four episodes released throughout the year. The only other way would be to continual events between DLC packs.
    They did for all versions. IE. you could get all campaigns, not just the third version(there were other dlcs as well).
    How would you feel if they had a third version within the initial games for even generations like FE Fates did?
    Do you think we will get a pseudo-evolution gimmick next gen to replace cross-gen evos since it is an even gen, or just a generational gimmick for abilities/types?
    What do you expect as the next month's news? I expect abilities, types and possibly height/weight to be revealed for Necrozma forms and Alolan Photo Booth for October, and an info-dump of new Z-moves for November.
    Hmn. Super Star Ultra and Dreamland 3 and Squeak Squad were all fun! And all the others! XD Its hard. Favorite ability? I think i like cupid and fighter :3
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