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  • Same here! I am good.. and yeah, I remember the good ol' days when I joined here lol... good times. But now I am still having good times lol. X3
    Ahhh I see so you're eager for the people to reply. XD it's okay I do that all the time. ;P
    Predator/Alien marathon huh? Never saw that show before. D; and I always listen to music while training teehee~ it helps out a lot.
    lmfao SLEEP IS FOR THE WEEK! even though I'm sleeping soon LOL
    So do I! I really like when I get notifications, it makes me happy. c':
    haha so whacha doin now? i'm just browsing through the forums. but I have to sleep in like two hours 'cause it's the first day of school tomorrow. it's not like i'm going anyway but. haha jkjk. I dun wanna go back though :c
    Sorry for replying so late! I didn't know I got this message until now. Haha it's still good though, Ivysaur is awesome. :p
    Haha I know right foxes are cool and sly, like me! Haha jk i'm nothing like a fox. >< haha chipmunk thing with a beanie. it does rank high!
    ah I could tell by the Ivysaur haha. for me, it usually depends on if they're fast or not. I like fast pogeymanz. :3
    fennekin seems the fastest so that's why he's my fav. @_@ plus he's a freakin fox! haha XD
    haha chespin is my 2nd favorite. ;P
    my fav so far is fennekin. :D but I need to see their final evolutions before I could judge.
    Yup! It's fun to join an active forum. c:
    and yeah me too! although I chose tepig at first, oshawott became my favorite. ^_^ who's your favorite 6th gen starter?
    ooo I hate it when forums die out. :/ although you most probably won't have the same problem here! this forum is so active, there's like hundreds of people online right now. cx i'm sure you won't have a problem making friends :)

    and ah white! I love that game, I still have yet to complete my pokedex as well, teehee.~ what starter pokemon did you choose?
    they are! I joined a while ago, but just started being active now, so I needed friends haha. I wish I could've been active earlier but school was in the way :/ back then school was difficult for me @_@

    and that's cool, which pokemon game?
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