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  • How could you not hear about Calamity Jane? She's a historical figure who defied 1800s society's expectations of women and became a rebellious cowgirl, if I recall correctly.
    Well, there's this guy I've known all my life from pre-school up 'til I finished secondary education, and even though he shared the same interests as me I absolutely hated his guts due to his inflated ego, dishevelled appearance and superhuman ability to piss off everyone he knows, his name began with a K. During one drama class when I was 16 I got fed up of his antics (I had to play his girlfriend as part of the opening song to Calamity Jane) that I excused myself to go to the bathroom and found this other guy (who shares the same name as the other guy, only beginning with a C) who was supposed to be in my class having a smoke. Joined him, decided to skip class entirely and go downtown with him, and now he's my current BF. The Deja vu aspect of this is that I was tired of having to deal with this complete weeaboo for so long and found a means of escape through this other fella, and this was way before Catherine!
    Is that why you're using that Super Nerd avatar?


    Or Scientist, whatever. It looks like Conway and I can't remember the class itself in Gen I, so ehhhhhh
    I think it's too dark for my tastes, but then again, I am rather against American music for some unexplained reason. Oh well, I'll have a go at the new album.
    Well, The Human League 1.0 was very experimental (industrial, possibly) so it'd be nice to see something that harks back to their earlier work.
    William Control? Doe- Okay, he does have the heavy eyeliner and black hair down a la Philip back in the 1980s, I just have to hear his music to see if it's really that baritone.
    Haha, in keeping with my love of the 80s Little Boots collab'd with Philip Oakey of The Human League on her track Symmetry. Hell, it was the song itself that fully introduced me to the League, although I have recalled many of their songs beforehand.
    The 80s defines music for me, every artist had his or her own quirks in stark contrast with today's 20-somethings singing typical crap.
    Yes, it seems much more personal than The Fame, and hence it's not as radio-friendly if you ask me.
    Alas, Space Cowboy's influence over Gaga has noticeably declined with Born This Way, I don't think they collabed at all.
    Yeah, she IS pretty obscure, which is nonsensical because the producer of a good few songs of hers (Space Cowboy) also collab'd with Lady Gaga herself on The Fame. I like her first album, Hot Like Wow, especially the title track, City Nights and Got Your Number, along with the quintessential My Egyptian Lover.
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