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  • mr. says (2:11 AM):
    anuj makes me uuurggggggghhhhhhhhh
    wow i am starting to be like bombsey
    i mean pick up his habits
    he always urrrrrghhhhhhhh and then
    after that
    girls take initiative! says (2:11 AM):
    sounds to me like he needs laxatives

    just so you know
    Slowking on my Jynx picture:

    [o 18:55:19 o] <Slowking> also
    [o 18:55:22 o] <Slowking> your avatar
    [o 18:55:26 o] <Slowking> is <33
    [o 18:55:29 o] <Slowking> ROUGELLA
    [o 18:55:32 o] <Slowking> ^_______________________^
    [o 18:55:36 o] <Slowking> her lips are so
    [o 18:55:38 o] <Slowking> ^__^
    [o 18:55:44 o] * Slowking wants to kiss a Jynx
    [o 18:55:47 o] <Slowking> o)
    [o 18:56:55 o] <Slowking> its from
    [o 18:56:59 o] <Slowking> Hoen episodes
    [o 18:57:02 o] <Slowking> Hoenn8
    [o 18:57:05 o] <Slowking> that
    [o 18:57:07 o] <Slowking> from a
    [o 18:57:09 o] <Slowking> contest battle
    [o 18:57:12 o] <Slowking> i think
    [o 18:57:15 o] <Slowking> its pacifidlog
    [o 18:57:18 o] <Slowking> o)
    [o 18:57:22 o] <Slowking> OMG JYNX
    [o 18:57:25 o] <Slowking> COME ON
    [o 18:57:28 o] <Slowking> RABURI KISU
    [o 18:57:30 o] <Slowking> ^______^
    and iiiiiiiiiiiiiii wiill alwaaaaaaaays love youuuuuuuuuuuu mr. moises why are you stalking everyone i didn't realise you knew waifu
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